Friday, January 11

Today is....

...wear orange day. In solidarity with those who have been held by our country for six years without charge and without trial.

The ACLU has kindly provided us
all with a sample blog post but frankly I don't think anyone around here needs that either for writing or reading.

Some of you know that when The Bastille was stormed, there were very few prisoners inside, and that The Bastille was kind of the country club prison of Paris. Most of the seven prisoners freed that day were of a higher social class than their liberators. But the Bastille was symbolic of everything, absolutely everything, that was wrong with the government of France in 1789.

Guantanamo is not a country club prison, and the prisoners there are unnumbered and unnamed to the public. For our safety.

But it is a symbol. And it needs to be stormed, electronically and politically but we revolutionaries use what we've got. Shut down Guantanamo means live up to the Consitution of the United States as you swore to when you were fuck it. He won't. But we will continue to fight him and use the symbols at our disposal to show the wider world how wrong this whole country is right now.

Played "Bastille Day" by Rush while writing this and it's a good soundtrack for outrage.


  1. I actually read an article the other day that analyzed controversial political decisions, particularly those that restricted Civil Liberties. The author stated that Lincoln's decision to suspend habeas corpus during the Civil War was a GOOD decision, albeit the only instance that suspending Civil Liberties had a positive effect.

    I would argue instead that suspending habeas corpus is NEVER a good decision and that it is NEVER positive to suspend Civil Liberties for ANY reason.

  2. I wore my orange 'Impeach Bush and Cheney' shirt today. My 9-year-old daughter likes it so much that she made me buy her a red one. She insisted on wearing it to school - I made sure she had another one on underneath.

  3. Nicely done, BG.

    I agree, CK.

    And that's pretty cool, Alicia! I had to buy an orange shirt yesterday, actually - didn't own one.

  4. You should appreciate this.


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