Sunday, January 6

Working on new year's resolution summore

reasons to laugh part.

I know I should be talking about debates and primaries. After Tuesday I just might do that.

I do want to defend Obama on the Hillary "you're likable enough" line to Hillary. This isn't spin it's just what I thought when I saw it. My immediate gut reaction to the Obama moment and no one will ever agree with me on this, was that a woman saying "that hurts my feelings" punched him right in a soft spot, which it does for some men. He couldn't go put his arm around her and say "I'm sorry baby", so he totally emotionally retreated.

I know no one will ever spin it that way, but that's what I thought when I saw it last night live.


  1. i think Tom Jones inspired several subsequent generations

    cherry bomb

  2. I often find myself saying "Hold me, Yoda" — when I can't find me a sex bomb, that is. ;-)

    Hmm, I wonder about that exchange. I was just watching the debates, which I taped.

    I thought Hillary's line was said mainly in jest and Obama's response was partially in jest but also meant in kindness. I guess that's not completely different from your take, BG, and I'd probably have to see it again. I guess you think the press will cover it as a dig? Likely some will. Oyyy.

    General reactions: I lost count of the lies I heard from the GOP, and Bill Richardson earns my disgust with his "bipartisan" blather and whining about incivility at a pretty civil function. Kucinich shouldn't have excluded, to my mind. I thought Hillary Clinton was far more defensive than previously, and Edwards was the sharpest and most passionate.

  3. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Thanks for your comment BG. Got a lot of respect for you and even more after learning from a friend that you are Quaker.
    I thought Obama looked awfully good and very presidential in the speech in Iowa.
    Obviously the gender gap is closing.

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM


    I agree with you about Obama's comment. I experienced it as a gesture of acknowledgment and some measure of compassion. His head was tilted and the feeling part of the comment was low frequency perhaps, but the body language did not seem hostile at all.

    And I thought that Stephanophole was a bit prickish about it. Old loyalties die hard, eh?

  5. Hmmmm. I have to say I disagree. I thought Hillary handled it well, in that she could have sounded Leona Helmsley-like in delivering that line. But I thought Obama's response was kinda snarky. Not horrible, just not a shining moment for him.


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