Wednesday, November 12

Blue Gal's new imaginary boyfriend

Step aside, Stephen Colbert. Hugh Laurie as Doctor House is my new imaginary boyfriend.

Oh, I know. He's anti-social and slightly curmudgeonly and oh so brilliant.

Just. My. Type. It's Nurse Chapel syndrome. Totally. My love and good humor can save this one. And what's perfect is, then I can turn off the tee vee and go knit.

I love that I can watch episodes of House online anytime I want for free, too. Now I don't need YouPorn any more!


  1. Speaking of YouPorn, they're really revamped the site. No more laughably bad amateur videos, now it's just clips of professionally produced porn.

    I liked it the other way round.

  2. Jeepers. I'm a doctor too, you know. **sigh**

  3. We all need You Porn, who are you trying to kid?

  4. Noice. Craggy, purty eyes & mouth. What's not to like?

  5. Curmudgeonly is good.
    I approve this message.


  6. where do you stand on The Big Question: how convincing is Hugh Laurie's american accent? I've been intrigued by the fact that most US citizens I've spoken to think it's astonishingly good whereas English people are much more sceptical. I think he's fab but then my ear for dialect isn't incredibly well honed.

    On another note, I'd rather have Bertie Wooster as my imaginary boyf ;-)

  7. I think his American accent is lovely. Not Chicago baritone lovely, but lovely.

  8. Sorry Blue Gal, you can't have him, even wife got him first!


  9. I've just discovered House, so I'm really, really glad to learn I can watch old shows on the net for free!!

  10. yeaaa for the usa channel! i skip countdown every time for a house episode, no contest. my favorite tv show of all time, even with its glaring medical mistakes etc. such drama, such passion, such writing!

  11. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Having done the really sick almost dead thing myself, I don't much care for the medical hero stuff. My first night in the hospital there were two code blues. (Don't get me started on the new Coors's beer Ad, code blue ain't funny)

    As for the actor, he ain't my type, but my wife who is a linguist, says he does good with the accent.


  12. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I'm fairly open about my man-crushes, and I'm a big fan of HL, but his accent on House just doesnt work for me. I attribute that to the fact that long before House, I saw every episode of Wooster and Jeeves, Frye and Laurie, and Black Adder. The accent may be good, but it grates.

  13. Anonymous7:47 PM

    You're going to have to share Dr. House with my daughter, BG.


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