Tuesday, November 4


And I got a flu shot, too. Not at the polling place.

Today is my fourth blogiversary. My first post (oh please don't go read it-- the first year of my blog sucked) asked if starting a blog on election day was auspicious, and I said I wouldn't use the blog for political grandstanding.

I really just created a blog to give me discipline to write more regularly. That worked out pretty well. Ixnay on the political andstandinggray? Not so much.

Reminder: November is Nablopomo, you're supposed to be posting every day this month, and it's not too late to start, Fafblog.


  1. Happy Blogday !!!!
    What a great day to have as Blogday....
    ( I started mine during Bush's vacation..because I was writing nasty emails daily ....which of course turned into my blog...silly me..)

    Hey.....take care....hope they did not make you in your hopalong status stand in line....

    let's hope we see the Map turn blue tonight...

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    "What a great day to have as Blogday...."

    Yeah, really.

    Good day to be a "Blue" gal, too.

    Hope that flu shot doesn't treat you the way mine treated me about two years ago...

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM


  4. Happy Bloggiversary!

    Wow, have I been reading you (and writing myself) for that long?

    Scary. Many congratulations, keep up the good work!


  5. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Happy blogiversary!

    Even if I am a new reader, sure glad you are doing this!

  6. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I'm ready for the next four years! I just hope you don't run out of panties :)

  7. Blue Gal, I would buy a ticket to sit in your political grandstand if I had to, but reading blogs is still free (after the price of the internet connection). Boy am I glad for that too, as I am on State disability just now...
    -Doug in Oakland

  8. Happy Blogiversary, Blue Gal!

    You are the best.

  9. I thought this was a knitting blog...Cancel my subscription - IMMEDIATELY!


    Again, happy blogiversary, BG...A queen among knaves are ye.

  10. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Congratulations on this milestone! You have given many of us a community that has grown and grown and grown. Thank you for that.

  11. ... what DCup said ... xoxo


  12. Congratulations on the blogiversary -- and on such an auspicious day, too.

  13. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Congrats, darling!

  14. Late but here to say happy 4th blogversary!

  15. happy blogoversary!

  16. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Happy Blogday BlueGal!! Oh and what are the chances of yer fans seeing those thongs modelled? LOL!

  17. Hi Blue Gal....happy BlogDay. Congrats. Here's to the next four years!

  18. happy day now 4 more should be a snap luv.


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