Monday, November 10

Okay, let me get this, um, "straight."

If you're coming here from Twisty's comment section, please read this post, too. Thanks.

Prop 8 and Prop 2 pass, denying rights to lots of people, not just gay people.

But the two people below are allowed to get married, in a church, by a member of the clergy, and she gets to wear white, too. Because, um, America is a Christian country.

Remember, God made those boobs. And I'm not talking mammaries, neither.

photo from the hilarious, who points out just how much the bride must have hated her dad. Worthy of Hotchicks, my friends.


  1. This is one very funny photo!

    Maybe they found a gay priest for their wedding service - someone who could keep a straight face ... Nah, even a gay priest or minister would start chuckling with the words, "Do you take these..."

    Oh yeah, you can bet daddy got an early drunk on... and so did mommy and the grandparents.

  2. Wow. Even in L.A., that would get a few stares.

  3. Wow...umm, ah, wtf?

  4. LOL!!!

    Yep I agree; even in L.A. people's heads would be craning.

  5. huh- i am speechless. yep. but i agree with the point you make blue gal. :)

  6. she looks a lot like Jenna Bush. You don't suppose Jenna had two gowns...

  7. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Himself is wondering:
    Which of her films did the groom star in?

    ... or if not, is he sure he can handle these, ahem - I mean her?

    Where are this girl's PARENTS?

    This is what I worry I look like when I wear a low-cut gown...
    but this gal needs TAPE!/GLUE!/gum.

    Duct tape, anyone?
    Oh, that was Exene.

    Happy travels home from DC, BG.
    And what unjust universe puts you in DC and me in Baltimore... and no contiguous light-rail line betwixt?

  8. Could she move?? What a photo to show their future children. . . .

  9. I don't really see the problem.

  10. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Thank you for the link to that site. It's a keeper.

    And yes, sick that queers marrying destroys marriage but the travesty on display at Just fine.

  11. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I'm pretty sure the boobs - meaning the mammaries - are man made.

  12. I didn't realize the Zeppelin heiress was even engaged!

  13. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I get your point, but...slut shaming much?

  14. I am in love with the Tacky Weddings site. I found a flicker set with a pregnant bride in a bikini top eating watermelon and was in heaven. (I am, however, perplexed by the Tits McGee slur I saw there and intend to bring it to her attention. She my girl, and Tits ain't tacky. That dress, however, puts tacky to shame.

  15. Plus her husband wore a suit. Couldn't he be bothered to find one of those tuxedo t-shirts?

    Wedding is sacred, dontchaknow.

  16. yeah really. Gay folks can't get married, but THESE PEOPLE CAN?

  17. Anonymous2:42 AM

    I don't see why 'these people' should have any less right to marriage than gays.
    If that's the joke, it's not funny :-/

  18. Killerheels, I have a cartoon with a stern Catholic nun using an old-style revolver to shoot a Star of David full of holes.

    It's not funny, until you read the caption, which says:

    Hey! That's just not funny!

  19. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Judging by the amount of comments, this seems to have hit a nerve, mine included.
    And, I just spent too much time perusing the linked site, but very interesting reading.
    The entire nuptial "event" is beyond tacky. However if the people in the wedding party really wanted to have fun, I don't understand why they did not simply remove every stitch of clothing and be done with it.
    In San Fran I once observed a couple on the way to their wedding wrapped entirely in saran wrap. (individually, of course.)

    BTW, that sure is a lovely necklace she's wearing.

  20. Anonymous5:49 PM

    If that is your interpretation than it looks like your other commentors don't get the 'joke' either, 'cos they all they seem to be sayin' is "Yeah, she's soooo trash! Why should she get married if gays can't?"
    There is no social analysis other than slut-shaming.*yawn*
    Spanky spank.

  21. Sorry, I'm taken, KH. I'm also really grateful that over three hundred readers of an (admittedly great) feminist blog clicked on a link in a COMMENT that said the words "slut shaming." Their dogged determination to root out sexism in all its forms and expose it is truly admirable.

    It's not a joke, it's not funny. These people DO have a right to marry, and no one is questioning their right. The fact that we're questioning that right of any two consenting adults in this country is not funny either.

    Her tits hanging out of her wedding dress as she stands out on the street, with a facial expression that says nothing is wrong, is fucking hilarious.

    No offense folks, but I'm shutting down comments on this thread before I'm tempted to slut shame again.