Thursday, November 6

If you listen to one Republican today, make it this one.

natalie dee

Former GOP Congressman Mickey Edwards was apparently on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday to pimp his new book, Reclaiming Conservatism.

In the first few minutes of the interview he confesses that he voted for Obama. Listen here.

I don't doubt a bit that he is sincere in his desire to rebuild the Republican brand, and I applaud anyone, actually, who wants to bring the GOP back to the Reality-Based Community. It would feel really good to debate issues with a political party that wasn't thinking they could create their own reality.

There was a time when conservatives were, in my opinion, wrong about everything, but you could interpret facts differently from them and be right without necessarily dismissing them as insane. I really hope we can get back to that kind of honest debate. It was intoxicating.

Of course, we have to get past the time when those who are not, and will never be, in the RBC, eat each other alive. (see here, here, and, if you care for a right wing link (remember, I didn't make you click it, but it's a Glenn Beck-endorsed doozy, here).

I may never stop laughing.


  1. Right this very second, the Goofy Old Pissants are throwing Sarah Palin under the Abrams tank for "costing them the election," using the most offensive sexist prattle imaginable.

    I sincerely believe that there is no hope for those people.

    On the other hand, Desmond Tutu is on NPR right this second talking about Obama as an agent of reconciliation between us and the rest of the world.

    One can hope, huh.

  2. I don't think there's anything sexist about calling Sarah Palin an unqualified, uneducated, completely unprepared candidate. The sexism is that if she had been a man and given an interview like the Katie Couric disaster, reporters would have questioned that male candidate's sanity or sobriety, rather than chucked it up to "she's just a beauty queen and look at that charisma!"

    She DID cost McCain a lot of Republican votes because she was unqualified. It didn't help that she was then sent in to feed red meat to the most vile racist part of the GOP "base."

  3. I heard this live and laughed out loud.

    I think that no matter what the Repubs decide in the round of meetings to follow, they'll be squirming for a while and will be lucky to pull it together by 2008. For whatever reason, tech savvy and extensive organization eludes them - except when it's as simple as scaring the electorate about all the gays running around trying to ruin that "sacred" institution of marriage.

  4. i don't see it as sexist. i saw sexism when the republican's tried to insist she be handled with kid gloves.(frail little female/ moose kiler)

    they tried to pawn her off as the only way to BE a real feminist(as if there is only one way!)

    so, nope. she is fair game.she has no qualms about vilifing anyone or anything that is against HER brand of religion, politics or thought.

    she doesn't get a pass.

    didn't she realize that someone had to take the blame and it sure as hell wasn't going to be mccain?

  5. You're sure right about the unqualified part. The ignorant and reactionary part didn't help much, either, you betcha.

    The sexism I refer to consisted of the comments from an "unnamed aide" (what do her/his folks call her/him?) who apparently is yapping to all who will listen about Palin's shopping sprees, her hissy fits, and her greeting campaign staffers while wrapped in a towel.

    I doubt we'd hear that about, say, Joe Biden. In fact, I don't even want to think about that...

  6. 'Gal, I heard that NPR piece and smiled.

    Indeed, when the GOP bought the NeoCondo, they mortgaged their brand to the hilt, and may be upside-down until they declare moral bankruptcy.

    But when they assumed the Wide Stance and whored it out for the Fundies (thanks, Uncle Newt!,) they had no idea what they were getting into: a total abandonment of logic, reason and reality.

    I never thought I'd miss the Republicans when they vanished...

    But I do.

  7. Anonymous9:21 PM


    I think the sexist story that is being refered to is the one that Shara greeted some McCain staffer in her hotel room with just a towel rapped around her. Ergo she's also a slut.

  8. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I followed your link into the litter box over at RedState and laughed my ass off. They are ranting about boycotting Faux News! It truly amuses me that these boobs really BELIEVE that they own the Republican party. Do you think it has ever crossed the minds of these knuckle dragging fools that they are the party's mudslinging sheep herders? Their role isn't to decide what is best for the party "respectable" Republicans do that - their role is to rant about conspiracies and bring the cockroaches out to vote. I think they are really just pissed that Faux News got the script before they did.

  9. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Well, the Redstate link was a winner.

    As for "operation leper," I wish them well with it. Heh.

    It is amazing how the Nixon Whitehouse lives on and on and on. Enemies lists will never, ever go out of style with those folks.



  10. oh, i think if biden had strolled out in a towel and there were women there ...

    the thought does bring a giggle!

    : )

  11. Two thoughts here: first, it would be nice to see the GOP get back to conservatism in the old sense of the word. There are plenty of Republicans I can respect, Bill Weld and the late Warren Rudman among them. (Anybody remember the "Concord Coalition" between Rudman and Paul Tsongas?) While I may not agree with conservatives on much, I can at least respect those who are internally consistent in their beliefs and who preach the cause of fiscal restraint.

    As for Sarah Palin, I do think that the prattle now coming out of the McCain campaign team is undeserved and unnecessary. If it is true, as the McCainites have alleged, that Palin really didn't know basic civics or that Africa was a continent and not a country -- something my 8 year old niece already knows -- then there is only one thing that can be said about that: shame on McCain for picking her as a running mate! From my point of view, the dishonor in that would be mostly on McCain. (And some dishonor to Palin herself for having the balls to claim that she was qualified.)

  12. I like the phrase "Reality-Based Community". For years now I have thought GOP = Greedy Old Parasites.

    I personally don't want them to get back to where they were 40-50 or 60 years ago. I would like to see them become the Whigs of the 21st Century!!


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