Tuesday, November 18

You can't blame Obama...

...just because the first eighty-one attorneys general had, for the most part, serious skin pigment deficiencies.

Photos of past AG's from here, running the gamut from pinkish beige to cream, mostly.

Congratulations, Mister Holder. Being AG is the same as commenting on a blog, rule number one, "don't be an asshole." Gonzales and Mukasey kinda failed there. Gonzales was actually a complete fucking asshole. And he gets no points off for being unusually non-white.

We've heard rumors that our new AG-elect doesn't like the Patriot Act. That would be a good place to START.


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I agree wholeheartedly Blue Gal. I'd also like to say congratulations to Mr. Holder, I believe he will make a fine Attorney General.

  2. That would be a great place to start- yes a very great place just to begin!

  3. oh yes a fine place to start.

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Anyone who doesn't like the Patriot Act is cool with me.

    I'm fond of the anagram from Patriot... Apt Riot.

  5. BG: Who's blaming Obama for appointments of Eric Holder for AG and Gregory Craig for Counsel. They are his best yet. Both are tough, progressive and compassionate.

    Craig brings a criminal defense lawyer's compassiona along with being America's pre-eminent Latin-American affairs expert to the White House.

    Holder brings brains, a spotless record as an AUSA, political savvyt but a law enforcement orientation that is respective of privacy and not tolerant of sadism.

    I wish Obama hadn't gone so easy on Lieberman, but whatever... these two make up for it.

  6. No, Kelso, who's blaming Obama for 80 out of the last 81 Attorneys General being white. Read the post again, slowly.

    I wonder if any white people in America will be quote-unquote "concerned" about having a black President and a black Attorney General at the same time.

    I can think of a couple.

  7. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Glad to hear Holder doesn't like the Patriot Act. Not happy to hear that he was involved with Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich. Looseheadprop has a post at Firedoglake about it.

  8. PIN: I almost always agree with you, but as someone who knows Marc Rich and Pincus Green, I implore you to look past the right-wing talking point on this because Eric Holder is the best of the best.

    The Rich/Green case was not the Great Train Robbery. It was a garden-variety tax case. They were ready to plead guilty and serve prison time. The Reagan-appointed, anti-Semitic, punishment zealot AUSA wasn't content with them serving 5 years. He wanted LIFE. For nothing. For a dumb tax case.

    Whatever Rich's ex-wife's relationship with The Big Dog is irrelevant.

    Holder paid this no mind because it was not significant. It was ancient history and just a question of whether two old men should be able to spend some time with their families and grand-children especially before they died.

    I love Firedoglake, but there's a tendency across the progressive blogosphere to lump all people in business and finance together as villains while excusing many misdeeds of those who by image or semiotics are worse.

    Obama's ties with Lieberman are far worse for America than anything Marc Rich, Pincus Green or Eric Holder did. Full stop.

  9. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Thanks for the info, Kelso. As a former tax attorney, but not the likely to be indicted kind of tax attorney, I like to believe that tax laws--and violations thereof--are taken seriously.


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