Wednesday, November 26

I just can't call him, "Barack." [BG video mashup]

We had quite a debate among the team members of the bigger blog yesterday. Some said it's anti-egalitarian to resist calling the President of the United States by his first name. I call bs on that.

I'm trying to get as much mileage out of the tag below before I retire it forever, I hope. But notice it doesn't say "George is such a goddamn fuckwad."


  1. This is so full of awesome there isn't even room for sprinkles :-)

  2. yeah, you have a point and you are right. barack is just such an awesome name tho.

    love the video a lot!

  3. I love your video! Good point!

  4. Well, yeah. It's not like anyone's been formally introduced, at the bowling alley over egg creams, say...And in spite of my studied insolence toward authority I never called that no-account carpetbagging sociopathic mama's boy 'George' either - So Obama (and after January, President Obama) it is.

    Good video, BG.

  5. have a happy thanksgiving!

  6. You're getting good at that video stuff.

    But the more I hear about his cabinet appointments and such, the more I'm tempted to call him "BILL."

  7. After 8 years of the current administration it will be nice to have someone I would want to call Mr. President. The office deserves the respect, even if sometimes the resident doesn't.

    And come on QD, one of the biggest mistakes of the Bill Clinton administration was filling the White House will people who on day one didn't know what they were doing. He lost a lot of critical time, and got mired in a "lift the ban" debate that he handled very badly.

    By bring in people with experience the President-elect has an opportunity to move quickly on issues of importance to us.

    Hey, if I'm willing to give him a 100 day pass others should be able to do the same.


  8. I refer to him as Obama or Barack Obama. If he invited you personally to call him "Barack," then maybe, but it'd feel weird.

    Style points for the Ting Tings!

  9. I'm just glad he IS the president. Maybe he can get away with it because-- how many Baracks do you know?
    As far as I am concerned, there is much more serious stuff to deal with, than to get hung up on the name.
    I think part of it too, is his humbleness, he is still adjusting to the title. All your life, you are just who you are, your given name, then *poof* you have this title.

  10. Maybe if he starts a singing career, we can call him Barack -- like Cher or Madonna. Or even Barack! with an exclamation point.

    But not while he's president... plus, he's on the young side, so I think it would diminish his stature even more than an old guy. IMHO.


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