Friday, November 21

One small thing I hate about a failing economy.

The radio stations put Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" in heavy rotation. Please make it stop.


  1. I'm thinking it's time to play those ITunes, or you could do what I do--listen to taking heads all day as you pretend to vacuum. I keep MSNBC on, and every time I am about the turn the vacuum on, I pretend to myself that they are breaking some important "news" and I must pay attention or miss the minute by minute analysis of every damn thing. I't not a living, but it makes me think I'm really busy.

  2. well, good on you for still listening to radio :)

  3. Oh Oh You're half way there.
    Next Step

  4. ...And for those who prefer a touch less testosterone...


  5. Good lord. It's bad enough to live through an overbaked, overplayed song the first time...


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