Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

Has anyone else seen these horrendous turkey cakes in their shopping excursions? What would possess anyone to make something like that?

I've so much to be grateful for this year. We all do. And I'm grateful for a day that is a reminder to pause and be grateful.

I hope all of you have a day full of love and gratitude.

xo BG


  1. Right back at you and yours.

    And yeah, there's something very wrong about that cake...

  2. Not ready to make nice.

    Cooking a crow (I think its demise was West Nile related) for my wingnut brother-in-law.

    Three "tables", two-sixes and a ONE.

    Love to you and yours...


  3. Have a wonderful day!

    Love BAC

  4. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving from my remote location on the road in Oregon! Best to you and yours!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I was glad to see how many businesses, eateries, and museums were closed today so the employees could be with their families. May this be a tradition we never change.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving.

    As for the scary cake, yikes!

  7. Same to you, BG.

    And I think you misunderstood - that looks like a vegetarian turkey to me.

  8. happy thanksgiving Blue Gal

  9. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Nice panties on that bird. Bbviously it's a hen and not a tom.

    Happy TG madame.

    That is all. You may feast now.

  10. A happy Thanksgiving to all.


  11. Happy Thanksgiving, BG.

  12. Anonymous5:07 AM

    i wouldn't make one of those...but and let live I say...just a reminder to give thanks every day...

  13. I had not seen such a cake till now-- yuck!

    Hope you had a nice T day

  14. That is not a cake, that is a crime against humanity.

    Grateful to know you BG and hope you and yours had a wonderful day.

    We sure did.

  15. Isn't there some kind of insane cake show on the cable tee vee now, where they make extravagant cakes that look like museum tableaux, wet dreams, and yes, roasted turkeys?

    Artists will do anything for attention, including being caught with their pants down. Still.
    I don't care what the cake looks like as long as everyone gets a slice.

    All the best y'all.


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