Wednesday, November 5

To Do List For The Day After

Go through my sidebar and remove any reference to George W. Bush.

Clean out the blogroll for truly discontinued blogs. This isn't some blogroll amnesty BS, if you've posted anything in the past six weeks you're there. But you bloggers who kept the faith through yesterday deserve more real estate.

Remember that there are 19 Republicans up for reelection in 2010 and if any of them participate in filibusters in the next two years we're gonna get'em. Big time.

But for now we rest a little. Knit a little. And give thanks.


  1. Keep the faith indeed.

    We did it!!!!!

    Let's spend the next two years expanding our majority.

    YES WE CAN!!

  2. Amen to that, sister.

  3. we have much to do and we must roll up our sleeves and get to it! the election system truly needs an overhaul so that the despicable tactics that the repubs tried to pull can't happen.

    but we can also savor the moment :) whew! what a ride.

  4. Nine hours. That's enough rest.
    Time to get busy. The lusty afterglow will make the immediate tasks light work.

    No justice, no change.


  5. Aww; I'm gonna miss the "Shave him off!" part of your sidebar.

    Giving thanks with you.

  6. yep, i've been doing that at work today too! i can hardly believe we did it. yay!

  7. Happy 4 year blogiversary, Blue Gal!

  8. I certainly give thanks today.

  9. i am tired and happy and happy some more!!!!

  10. It is amazing how vindictive the Left in this country is. This country is best run when it is played between the 40s. A football analogy meaning not too far left and not too far left. Yeah, lets expand the government, the handouts and punish the ones who make the money to support the economy. How bout the supporter seen on YouTube who thought her gas and mortgage will be paid now that she voted Obama president? It's truly the "what's in it for me" vote. But, I digress.

    In closing, I respect the office of the presidency. I respected Bill Clinton as my president when he was in office and will respect Barrack Obama as my president. Because the office of the President of the United States should be respected by all Americans whether you agree with the policies or not. I am dismayed at how the Left continues to smear the office of the President under the leadership of George W. Bush. Here's to finding some common ground....

  11. correction from post above...Not too far left and not too far right.

  12. Duvydawg,
    As for vindictiveness, lets look back at the impeachment of Clinton over a blow job versus "impeachment's off the table" for a known lawbreaker -- FISA -- Dubya.

    I don't respect anyone because of a position they hold. I know that's what they say in the services: Salute the uniform, not the man. Not being a vet, I've never had that ingrained in me. I respect people if /when they are respectable.

    I can look back at some of the things Nixon did for this country on foreign policy and protecting the environment, and have a bit of respect for him in spite of the terrible things he did, but in all honesty I absolutely cannot find one single solitary reason to respect George W Bush. I have not been able to refer to him as "a man" for years now. I don't say that to be spiteful; I say it because it's truly the way I feel.

    Sorry Dude. I wish that wasn't true, but it is.

    I hope Barack Obama earns your respect by what he does, not his office.

  13. Chris in Seattle,

    I disagree with your stance on respecting the office of the presidency and your thoughts on W, however I emphatically agree with your line "I don't say that to be spiteful; I say it because it's truly the way I feel".

    You have your opinions and I have mine...Dem supporters have their view on which way to take the country and Rep supporters have theirs.

    Hopefully both sides will be able to find common ground to meet in the middle from the national level to the local level.

    AND, perhaps Obama can do that. As a proud American, I will be pulling for that to happen.

  14. "Common ground?" Perhaps an end to the record setting rate of filibustering in the Senate. Perhaps a return to three EQUAL branches of government; a scrapping of the "unitary executive." A shredding of the line item vetoes / signing statements. Running the Diebold vote suppression machines through a car crusher.

    And turn the Bush/Rove/Gonzalez/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Myers/... prosecutions over to the Justice Dept and the courts; keep them out of congressional hearings. As I said: Three branches back to doing their jobs.

  15. Here's a common ground point: Larry Summers for a post like Sec of Treasury. I've never heard of him, but Mika and the Scar like him, which tempts me to automatically reject him. That kind of thinking has to go. Not that I fall in line and agree, but I need to listen to their points.

    Karl Rove is loathsome and despicable beyond description, but he does have an Al Capone type of political genius. Should he remain free, he'll still be spouting his "wisdom." well.... I can't go there. Common ground has limits.


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