Friday, November 14

Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State?

Given that my primary objection to Hillary Clinton as President and Vice-President was her foreign policy, I think you probably know how I feel about her being Secretary of State.

If, as a couple trusted emailers have suggested to me directly, someone in her staff is floating a trial balloon...

...well, I thought Terry MacAuliffe shoulda been ashamed of himself long ago.


  1. As Secretary of State, Obama might be seeking to find a way to rid himself of her and Bill.

    And I have to admit, that'd do the trick. As for her competence, who knows? I have doubts, too, but I can't say that any of the other candidates being floated really do much for me, either.

  2. not thrilled at the prospect of clinton being sos. she would better serve in the senate where perhaps she could spearhead some of those women and children issues she allegedly champions. and macauliffe is signed up to run for something- he bugs the crap out of me.

  3. Was just listening to Left, Right & Center on NPR, and Tony Blankley said that Hillary will be appointed SecState and Bill will be appointed Senator to finish out her term, leading to a 2010 Senate race between Bill Clinton and Rudy Guiliani.

  4. Hillary as Sec of State and Rahm as Chief of Staff. I'm sure not seeing much of that hope or change so-called liberals mindlessly pushed on the public without placing any demands on their candidate.

    I'm sure the Iranians will take comfort in the fact that it's now a Democratic administration dropping the bombs rather than a Republican one as we rationalize for 4 years why Obama's hawkish choices are actually something positive.

  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Personally, I like it (and I don't like Hill). First, she knows a lot of the players. Second, she'll love all the pageantry and her supporters can wet themselves whenever they show her waving to adoring crowds (because they are happy W is gone, of course). But the most important reason why I like this is this: finally, we can get her out of the senate and New York can have a real New Yorker in that seat. I just hope it's not another political hack.

  6. I feel that Hillary would make far more sense (and trouble for the GOP) as Attorney General. Let her go after the real evildoers for a time and then when there is an opening... Supreme Court Justice!

    I like it as much as Rush and Sean will hate it.


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