Sunday, November 2

Wednesday morning

Not to jump the gun, but when we wake up Wednesday morning, things are going to be different for us liberal bloggers.

Waking up in a nation where you like the President. Kind of a high.

And yet it will be very different. It was so very easy to hate George W. Bush. We could, and did, use the biggest brush in the world to attack him.

Enjoy that little "If he were my bush, I'd shave him off" flash on my sidebar, ma hunnies. Its days are numbered.

I hate to say this before the party begins, but our support of Obama is going to require a fine detailed brush. I'm glad we have time to figure out what this "relationship" is going to look like.

As happy as I will be to watch Obama win this election, this blog will not become a house organ for the Obama White House.

I will support and fight for what I think is right. There will be lots of opportunity to go to bat for the policies of our new President. (One hundred times: I don't take the results of this election for granted.) That said, if President Obama pursues further crapo like telecom immunity or dragging his feet on closing Gitmo, I won't hide my disgust, and I will fight him.

We're so much better off waking up to a President Obama. I look forward to the work ahead.

A personal note: I almost always forget my blogiversary. I'll have been blogging for four years this Tuesday. It's been the most amazing four years in my life. Thank you for sharing it with me.


  1. Well, firstly, happy blogiversary. I haven't corresponded with you for that long, but I've certainly enjoyed our acquaintance.

    I never viewed myself as a liberal blogger...And many might call me more of a foreign interloper, really. But I certainly am looking forward to retiring my brand when Obama takes office. As bad as he could conceivably be, and as disappointing to progressives as he could become, he is already light f*cking years above the mendaciousness and malfeasance of the current cabal.

    Meanwhile, it's almost kickoff time.


  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    The need to speak Truth to Power never goes away. Power seduces, Power seeks shortcuts, Power's mistakes afflict the innocent and powerless, Power is assailed by those who want to be the New Power. Truth abides.

    You will have plenty to do, Blue Gal.

  3. I think a lot of people are in for a surprise from the forces that developed in the new media (even some in the old media--watch Rachel Maddow) on the left during the Bush administration.

    We all opposed Bush 100%, so it might be confusing for a lot of people when we don't blindly support the party and instead put our weight behind progressive change.

    My whole blog suddenly becomes irrelevant when Obama wins, but it's easy to make new blogs. :)

    Happy blogiversery, BG. It's been great reading your stuff these last few years.

  4. I will not rubber stamp Obama nor will I think he can walk on water, but he certainly gets the benefit of the doubt from me for a while, anyway.

  5. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I almost always forget my blogiversary. I'll have been blogging for four years this Tuesday. It's been the most amazing four years in my life. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    Congrats, sweetheart! Comrade PhysioProf just reached a milestone number of visits on Halloweeen, and he owes a lot of it to you for helping kick his ass over Drifty's transom and into the blogosphere.

  6. A very happy blogiversary, a bit early, so's I don't ferget. This week promises to be busy.

    If Obama wins, I'll be very busy doing the happy dance.

    If he loses, I'll be busy getting ready for some non-violent civil disobedience or something.

    And no, Obama doesn't get a honeymoon. We should all be holding his feet to the fire from Day One. The fact that he wants that Rahm Emanuel guy as his Chief Of Staff doesn't bode well for me, in terms of "change."

    Of course, the alternative is something I can't even think about right now.

  7. Happy blogiversary, Blue Gal! This blog rocks hard, like Jimi.
    I agree with your take on individuality, let it shine, we need you.
    Let's not, however, flatter W so much. There was plenty of evil in the world before he ever saw the light of day. The way I see it, even if he was the particular event that motivated certain bloggers to create the current incarnation of their blogs, those blogs do not lose their relevance when one (OK so more like fifty) asshole goes away from their position of power. Chimpy will still be around for a while after he is replaced, and there are still legions of power seeking jerks of various stripes just waiting to try and screw up everything we attempt to do. There is an enormous amount of work to do before we even see any real, concrete results from this change of the guard. Besides, politics is not the only reason I read your blog, Mr Station Agent. AND it isn't over 'till it's over. I will say that the feeling of inclusion I have gotten from the blogosphere is pretty damn sweet, and perhaps the antidote to the alienation with which our country was divided in such a way as to allow this disaster to happen in the first place. It's harder to give up on things when you know that there are real, original people that you care about out there, and that you can boot your machine and talk to them about it. Thank all of you.

    -Doug in Oakland

  8. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Congratulations on your 4th anniversary!

    I'm looking forward to some changes in our politics, but I don't think it will make me any less critical of any of the players - the Administration, Congress, the media....

  9. Happy Blog B-day, Blue Gal! I, too, am looking forward to an America that has light, crispy air that is nice to breathe the day after the election if Barack wins it. As Americans, we so deserve a better future. Hell, the world wants us to have a better future and they would like a moment to relax also. I'm sure if McCain/Palin pull the 'rabbit out of the hat' on election day (a neocon election steal again), the world will consider it an act of war. Oh boy. Keep your fingers crossed for Barack!

    I've read in a couple of places online that China & Russia are getting ready to 'pounce' on an Obama Administration to take advantage of him. Pfffft. Jerks.

    Guess whose B-day is on election day? Laura Bush's! Let's hope she doesn't get her B-day wish!

  10. Anonymous6:04 PM

    From your lips to Keith O's ears


  11. Happy blogiversary, BG.

    I look for heroes outside of politics; inside gummint, all I want is a competent employee. In the next year or two, it'll be time to really double-down on pushing the media back into the job of honest reportage. We can't heal until the toxins are drained out of our democracy's nervous system, and for that we'll need strong voices like yours.

  12. Happy Blogversary BG.

    May that be the Wednesday we wake up to, may it be so.

  13. Hey BG, Sorry I'm late again, same excuse, fucking off takes time. Happy Blogiversary; wow; four years. I wish I had time to read the entire archives; but, you know, same excuse.
    As for holding BO's feet to the fire; events will do that. I'm Hoping for the best, as always; and preparing for the worst, as always.
    But I don't want to have to fight another president; I want to help one; mostly because he asked for our help.
    Maybe it's time for the best, for a real change!
    Cheers. . .

  14. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Happy 4th blogiversary. Wishing you many more. And I agree with your approach to the future Obama administration. SUpport him when he's right, criticize when he's wrong. I did the same thing with W, except, of course, he was never right. God it will be great to get the stink out of the white house.

  15. Anonymous11:28 PM

    1) Happy blogiversary.

    2) DarkBlack, you're retiring your brand? No!!! I'm not crazy enough to hope for a McCain victory just for 4 more years of Darkblack, but seriously if he wins, "well at least we get 4 years of DB" will be my only silver lining.

    3) Obama would not have won the nomination without the help of this community. Or any one community that helped him. There will be people trying to keep him accountable from all sides, because all those sides feel like their help was so integral to his win that they have a stake in it. They/we are right to -- I hope he does right by progressives, and when he doesn't I'll be here to speak up.

    I think it will be nice to be able to focus on things other than problems at the very top though.

  16. Happy Blogiversary, Blue Gal. I'm weary from the stupid. Who knows what new fuckery awaits us, but please, dear God, let the stupid be over.

    I too wish to wake up a smiling human on Wednesday morning. However, it may be Thursday since I plan a huge party hangover for Wednesday ;-)

    Thank you for all you do. XOXO

  17. a "happy happy" and a big thank you.

    and i am crossing my fingers and toes! 1 more day to go!

  18. Happiest of Blogiversaries Blue Gal! I agree with most of the other commenters that Barack will neither earn nor get a free pass in Greater Left Blogsylvania, but he will be light years ahead of Dubya.

    Mitigating his choice of Rahm Emanuel is the fact that he rejected both public and corporate funding, and ran a very clean campaign. A lot cleaner than I would have. The big question to me is will he bring the torturers and destroyers of the constitution to justice?

    With 47 Democratic congresscritters in the Blue Dog coalition, there'll be lots more work to do.

  19. Wake up Wednesday? Who's going to sleep? ;-)

    Happy blogiversary!


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