Wednesday, November 12

OH NO, not more sluts to shame!

I'm illustrating this post with a picture of Madonna holding a very large fish. It works for me. It's my very favorite fish ever, and I've lovingly named it "Slut." Shame on you, Slut, for appearing on the stage with Madonna.

Here's the deal. I can't, just can't, become the blogosphere's token slut shamer. That would be wrong. Also, apparently I'm not even very good at it, and my jokes on the subject fall flat.

The National Enquirer should be ashamed that they just slut shamed Cindy McCain.

And will do it again as soon as they can with Sarah Palin.

Because they're women, and I'm a feminist, I must report that everything they do with their sexuality is above reproach, no matter:

  1. what public stands they make,
  2. and how much of a pair of fucking hypocrites their behavior makes them,
  3. because their Party attempts every fucking day with POLICIES THESE WOMEN HAVE ENDORSED to get inside America's bedroom and tell the rest of us how to behave.

And if they ever hang their tits out in the street with forethought, I'm especially not supposed to giggle.

Got that? And by the way,

it's not funny.


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    You left out Courtney Love, Cindy's stolen Ecstasy, Maverick's shriveled derringer and the implausibility that the Moody Blues are still alive.

    Besides, Cindy seems more like an Ozzy kinda girl.

  2. Not giggle?

    How can you STOP???

    Here's where I see the bright line. Laughing at people who are in a bad way because they're hurt, sick or troubled? Not so good. So posting the picture of the homeless drunk peeing on himself, no, not funny.

    But laughing at people who are in a bad way bacause of their own cluelessness, excess or bad taste? Fine. Their stupidity was designed for our amusment, so the picture of the wedding drunk peeing on his own ushers?


    Besides, the essential quality of the true bodhisattiva-grade sluttiness is complete disregard of shame. La Madonna would tell you herself: if her va-jay-jay was involved, it could Only Be For Good.

  3. Too bad, political correctobots and body police cadets...but spotlighting some sensitive-as-a-toilet-seat attention addict parading her Grand Teatons before a gobstruck crowd on her wedding day is to slut-shaming what the Bush family is to higher moral principles of governance.

    Better luck next scold


  4. Giggle, laugh and snicker?
    Hell YES! [snort!]

    It's a moral imperative.
    The joke is not only ON them. It IS them. We have to show the next generation that sitting idly by and not shouting BULLSHIT winds up being NOT FUNNY in the slightest.

    To be taken seriously, you have to do more than watch, you have to enter and participate and put your claim on FUN.

    (my word verification was priack. Is that anything like biatch?)

  5. why must people insist on being humorless.

    i'm with you bg!

  6. Anonymous10:57 AM

    ha! bluegal iz funneh!

    btw - that pic of la madonna makes me realize
    I haven't been working out in awhile. dang! that lady has pipes!

    luv her or not, you don't F with Madge unless you got game, and even then, just don't..


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