Monday, November 10

A Wonderful Weekend with PROOF.

I support Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

FranIam has photographic evidence. That's all I'm sayin'.

And I know in that one photo I look like I'm being attacked by a blob made out of twenty dollar bills. I just got drafted to be cashier for the dutch treat dinner for twenty or so.

Everything Tengrain says
should be taken with a shaker o' salt. I love him.

is the best friend any blogger could have. And thanks to Head Honcho Barry Lynn (yeah we'll be pimping your blog and radio show) and the entire staff of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. To say you rock is such an understatement.

I loved everything about the weekend, except those stupid pod coffee makers in the hotel room. I hate those so much I'm writing to the hotel.

I'll be updating this post as others check in.

(Happy Birthday to my sister, HL. xoxo )

And sorry no video blog today I'm wiped. In addition to two flights in two days on crutches I also worked all weekend on the Obama "getting better" thing.

Salon tonight for sure.

Badges for your blog, as shown above, are available here.

Update: DCup has more photos, including this money shot:

DCup, Zaius, me, Tengrain, and FranIam. Love Sandwich!!! And doesn't the dude in the back look like that Inside the Actor's Studio guy?


  1. I'm sorry you were confined to the hotel and immediate area for the time but it looks as though you had great company.

  2. you rock... period...
    i wish we chatted more -- than over counting 20s

  3. that looked like so much FUN!

    i'm geen with envy! ; )

  4. The dude in the back is Buddy and you would LOVE him ... he's so much fun.

  5. Oops, I forget to tell you THANKS ... and that it was GREAT SEEING YOU this weekend!


  6. It was great to see you, Blue Gal! I am not sure why you photoshopped a picture of a human over my handsome orangutan face, however...

  7. I don't have a cause around which to organize, necessarily. I just want to have a party.

  8. ubermilf, bloggers meeting is cause enough. email me and we'll make it happen.

  9. It was all so great and I am very grateful that I got to be there and bask in the glow of so many great bloggers.

  10. Anonymous2:36 PM

    It was a great to see you again! What a group this year!

    And I met Buddy last year. He is hilarious!


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