Wednesday, November 5

Parsing the President-Elect's Latest Email

Dear Mister President Elect:

I'm so glad you'll "be in touch about what comes next." (1) I was terribly afraid that David Plouffe, in a fit of rare and wonderful glee, might delete all the databases.

I have a small request. Please, please, (2) stop signing your emails "Barack" right this minute. Maybe that "first name basis" crapo tests well with the 19-24 crowd, but I'm, ahem, your age, and you are now the defacto leader of the free world. And contrary to rumor, I don't know you personally.

(3) You made me laugh.


Blue Gal

PS. Okay maybe I'll paypal you some happy pills for Plouffe if you let me write the next email:

Dear Citizen! *** Join me in service to the revolution! We have found the "table" and will soon have the tools with which to eject the spying, torturing enemies of our Glorious Constitution! It is the duty of the President and the Democratic Party to serve the people. Without the people's interests constantly at heart, their work is useless. [link]

***If you wish, you may add "Death to the West" here, but it's optional.


  1. OK, "Death to The West!"

    J/K, Big Bro, J/K.

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM


  3. With 70 days left to go, is anyone watching Bush?

    George W. Bush has done so much to damage this country, it is a relief to have Obama elected.

    But 70 days is a long time... and Bush could still make the mess he created worse. What could he do with the military, say, by creating a shakeup with Iran? Or how could he make the financial crisis be worse?

    And Cheney... Cheney is still in place and he worries me more than Bush, primarily because we NEVER see what he is doing.

    One thing the blogs will do is stay as much on top of Bush as possible.

    I hope.

    Under The LobsterScope

  4. Right on, Blue Gal. On election day I made no phone calls, and in the last couple of weeks I made no donations. Why? Saturation. There is a point in time when "phoning a friend" in a swing state one more time is just going to piss them off. And, Barack had enough money. I donated to other causes.

  5. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Good points, Blue Gal. Somehow, I managed to get Obamail on three different accounts, and what I found funny about this letter in particular is that it went out to only one of those mailing lists on election night. I got it the following morning on the other two. Plouffe has done some wonderful work, but as with every campaign, a lot of energy is wasted.

    And that's exactly what impressed me so much. Obama won even with a lot of poorly-timed messaging and wasted efforts (like having volunteers from Sioux Falls, SD canvassing in Sioux City, IA because IA was more "important").

    But indeed, I thought the "donate" button was a bit off-track. In a couple of months, the man will officially work for us, and his paycheck comes through other means. Unless Palin's clothes were somehow charged back to the Obama/Biden campaign, methinks we can stop with the donations.

  6. Just wondering, is Palin gonna keep the clothes? Or auction them off to pay off McCain's visa bill? :-)

  7. Do you want to tell them or should I?

    The winning number for the Illinois Pick 3 lottery game on November 5th....


    We can take solace that the one sure sign of the apocalypse, "Chicago Cubs win the World Series"
    is likely safe for another 100 years.


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