Friday, November 14

That "No Time for Blogging Today" Meme
Doesn't Actually Work Here.

I had what the Oprah-ites call an "Ah-Ha Moment" last night. Usually, I attribute new insights to God/Spirit/my higher power. This was different in that the insight came so clearly from observing the material stuff I was doing, rather than what I was thinking.

I am reading a really fun wonderful novel right now. Turn of the Century by Kurt Andersen. You might know him from his public radio show, Studio 360. Bloggers old enough to know also loved his work on the old pre-blog non-blog but would-have-been-a-blog Spy Magazine.

Anyway, last night I set a goal of sitting down to read, kids in bed and no one to bother me, by 9 pm. Mothers will recognize that it was a completely unreasonable goal, but I knew that the goal would push me to at least get some reading done.

At 9:45 I realized I was not reading, not relaxing, and was instead, wait for it... CLEANING MY HOUSE.

I learned then why I blog so much. Because I think of publishing to blogs as necessary work, rather than leisure, I allow myself to blog no matter how clean my house is or where I am with my so-called chores.

Reading and knitting? Not so much.

Earlier last night I cleared off my sewing desk so that Junior Dude and I could work on his homework on the main floor of the house. (My broken ankle is healing enough so I'm "doing" stairs now but not quickly.) So now I have one clean desk in my studio.

I can do something other than blog over there. And I can follow rule number one of my "Affirmations for the Serious Knitter": "No housework until I have knit for 15 minutes."

That said, I doubt the late William F. Buckley ever got any real knitting done.


  1. Writing and blogging both to me are disciplines that require daily work and thus I have to be either completely away from the computer (which is rare) to not post or severely sick (frequently rare as well).

  2. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Had spy existed in the age of the Internet(s) there would be "Blogrolling in Our Times" and Drew Freidman would have published an illustrated version of Ted Stevens' Big Tubes speech.

    It's not a big truck.

    You know, my staff sent me an Internet the other day.

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    you've been memed!
    follow the bouncing URL....


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