Sunday, April 15

Badge for participants

There's a badge for BAT participants over at the Blog Against Theocracy website. Oh duh, it'll be on my sidebar in a minute.

And the most recent Carnival of the Godless (at Neural Gourmet) features BAT writers, big time. Neural Gourmet? Well, Blog Against Theocracy would not have happened without him, anyhows.

Once again Christopher O'Brien at Northstate Science
is a science blogger who really gets it, this time about why Blog Against Theocracy needed to be Easter Weekend.


  1. Thanks for the badge, and all the work you put into this.

  2. Blue Gal:

    You are left, your are right, and you do rock.

    You are an IMOVABLE Jewel of the web.

    Wishing you every good thing:

    Traveling Man

  3. Thank you for this badge, BG. I will fly it in hope for the future of this great project. It'll be cool to have a whole string of them in years to come.
    And another super thank you for all your hard work! (you might want to use the service for next year's code. I'm lovin' it!)


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