Saturday, April 14

You'd think I was hard up for a post topic or sumpin'


Responding to an overwhelming (hey, at this blog, four identical questions in one day is overwhelming) number of queries about yesterday's post.

No, that is not my actual bathrobe. I got it offa Google.

I can't find an actual pic and I don't have a digital camera. But my bathrobe is made out of terry cloth fabric identical to the blue and white stripe shown at the bottom of the photo above. Except this bathrobe is almost twenty years old, has been bleached a gobzillion times, is blessed with years of baby burp-up, and the sleeves are wearing out. I'm wearing it right now. hubba hubba.

I love it.

I swear I'm going to get the last of the Blog Against Theocracy posts up this weekend. Next year we're doing this again, and we'll have a different email address (Not. Mine.) to send posts to. If you blogged against theocracy and you don't see your blog linked at the BAT site by tommorrow (Sunday April 15) afternoon, send another email to bluegalsblog AT gmail DOT com. Thanks.


  1. i feel the same way about my big loe blue fuzzy robe, but the black one is better looking by far.

    my "baby" just turned 34 this week, so no baby burp up on mine.

    i remember those days tho! : )

    my fav blogging outfit is jeans and an old, old blue duquesne hoodie that was my daughter's.
    comfy doesn't begin to cover it.

  2. typo alert, the "loe"? god knows where that came from.

  3. BG doesn't have a digital camera?

    I can make a case either way about that being a good thing, or a bad thing.


    I terrorize my SO and my cats with mine.

    Life is good.

  4. Wow, BG, maybe next year you could use a lil help with this coding aspect. *bravo* for all your hard work

  5. Terry cloth robes. One of life's simple pleasures.

    Blogging outfit: jeans, old sneakers, and a beloved Arsenal jersey.

    And Brian Williams can bite me.


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