Sunday, April 29

Stephen Colbert and the latest GQ

You know, I'm sure lots of left-wing women share my fantasy of getting ONE of the big three liberal TV anchors for a night in a swanky hotel room. But I have standards and there would be certain...demands I would make to the gentlemen in question, not as a quid pro quo, mind you, but just to maintain my sanity.

Jon Stewart would have to buy me dinner and denounce AIPAC.

Keith Olbermann would have to buy me dinner and drinks after and convince me he doesn't have either obsessive-compulsive disorder or Asperger's Syndrome.

And then...there's Stephen Colbert.

Stephen has a terrific spread in the new GQ magazine (funny as hell and a lot of it online here), which no doubt liberal women like me will be pulling off the newstands in droves. No doubt either that the GQ staff has that figured out: I mean, Jesu Christi! There's a goddamn baking-powder biscuit recipe on page eighty four! Don't believe me? GQ Magazine. May 2007, page eighty-four. Makes about eighteen biscuits. And the smart metrosexuals don't forget the egg wash.

Seriously most magazines are skimp copy holding together advertising, and there's no doubt that the primary purpose of GQ is to pimp Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Toilette for Men: "rugged, masculine, exotic"? Yeah, smells so pretty I put the scent strip in my bra drawer.

But look, I read a lot of this issue in preparation for this post and I gotta say that like the Colbert Report, it looks like the editorial staff of GQ not only has a sharp sense of humor but enjoys having one, which always bumps the writing up a notch, trust me. I loved this sentence in the Editor's note:

Look, I believe in positive thinking. It once got me through a screening of The Lake House.

And wait. Oh yeah thank the coders their open letter to Nancy Grace is online.


  1. yes, oh YES!!!!! i love him.

    and the nancy grace thing, thank you for posting it. i'm on the floor here.

    the glenn beck stuff was perfect!

  2. That issue of GQ made its way into my apartment this weekend. It was fantastic. Thoroughly delightful.


  3. Keep your hands off MY STEPHEN, BlueGal.
    With Greatest Husband out of town this weekend, and a copy of GQ on the nightstand, is it any wonder I've been in such a good mood?
    Oh, and let's not forget 30 minutes of Jon Stewart with Bill Moyers on Friday night.
    Stellar weekend, and I'm not even factoring in the biscuits . . .

  4. Thanks to you I now know what Asperger's Syndrome. My simian head is full now, I must go lie down now.

  5. The Nancy Grace piece was fantastic.

    Hey, maybe Bush will make her AG if he finally cans Gonzales! She wouldn't just advocate torture, she'd be an instrument of torture!

  6. I have a rolling admissions policy for my male harem and all three have already been accepted into the diverse crowd that exists solely to challenge, amuse, and serve me. Love the photo, BG. And, are the biscuits as "rugged, masculine, and exotic" as the Dolce swill?

  7. The only competition you'll see from me is for Olbermann... ...which is almost as good as a diagnosis right there (I've never found ANYONE without at least a trace of A.S. even vaguely desirable).

    Happily, I'm married, so KO is safe. (If I weren't, and you weren't, we'd have to SHARE, and imagine the fight we'd have about who gets the left side and who's stuck with the right?)

  8. You crazy straight gals... ;)

  9. One other requirement for KO: he has to get through the evening without uttering the word "Cornell".

    Ooh, kismet time. The first two characters of the CAPTCHA for this comment are g and q!


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