Wednesday, April 25

Please stand by....

I've had some pretty serious hardware issues today. As in, I didn't have enough free space to even RUN defrag. Hours later, I'm back up, running disk cleanup, ordering a new laptop battery (LONG overdue) and trying to recover what is basically a lost 24, except for a call from a close friend, who basically saved the day for me.

Talking yesterday with the guy from CompUSA, who didn't carry a laptop battery but was helpful anyway (Matthew at the Galleria location, btw, ask for him by name) and he said yeah, I could own a Mac, but it would be kinda like going to heaven, sitting on a cloud with wings and everything, but then I'd have nothing to DO. Theology in all things, folks.

More later on this evening, I hope. If you're the praying type, feel free.



  1. Someone get George Soros to get BG a new computer or two. For the cause, you see. I'm kinda serious. If your rich and left of Bush, send this blogger a computer right away.

  2. glad to see you back online. i missed you! (yeah, i know, it was only one day...)

  3. I was a programer for years when (after the bubble burst and buried me and my family in the - sorry, I'll stop) I discovered I HATED computers. This went on for years, my hatred of computers.

    Six months ago I got a Mac.

    Everything's good now.

    Just a bit of teasing. Hope it all works out and it doesn't turn out to be - like so many PC problems do - actual demonic possesion.

  4. BG I also echo the earlier sentiments that I am glad that you are back online. Your issues are why I now own a mac book. I have a desktop as well that is a PC, but I use my mac more and more as I find how much better it is and not nearly as buggy as my PC but that might be an age thing, my PC is like a year old, the Mac is a few months old. anyway, just think about a Mac...
    what am I a Mac salesman (no, just a happy Mac owner)


  5. Computer problems are the worst! Sorry to hear you are going through it. I think I must be the only person in the world who tried a Mac, and didn't like it. I was told it would never freeze, like a PC does, but mine did. I knew how to fix a PC when it froze, but was clueless about how to get the Mac going again. It became too frustrating for me, so I traded it in for a Dell laptop. I'm very happy with my little computer.


  6. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Sweetie, Ah Feeel Yoar Payne. When my 'puterbox gets all jiggy on me, I just put my hands down my pants and cry. It's awful.

    Best of luck to ya, and remember, a little chop makes the boat go faster.

    Cheers, The Runt

  7. Anonymous11:37 PM

    BG - Sorry to hear about your problems - there is not a day that goes by where I do not curse my work PC (I call him Beelzebub) - and I sigh a deep sigh of relief when I get home to my Mac. (all of 'em have names related to Laurie Anderson songs or Spalding Gray monologues. I'm odd that way.)

    Not that I'm biased. No pressure.



  8. ooohhh! I knew all these cool peeps just couldn't be pc users (it's okay, BG. I luv u anyway)!!!
    Thorne (a macuser since the 80's!!)


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