Friday, April 27

Thank you for the award, Greenespace.

Wow. This is quite an honor. Greenespace has selected me to receive a Thinking Blogger Award.

UPDATE: Turns out Not Soccer Mom gave me one earlier, which surprises me, as I thought I was a TOTAL technorati whore, but I've been demoted now to only an occasional technorati whore. Please make a note of it.

Now what I'm supposed to do is select five, only five, blogs that make me think, and pass the award along? Ha.

I have been giving this a lot of thought, because of course one look at my blogroll and you know there's no way I have only five blogs out there that make me think. So I'm giving this award to five blogs I've discovered since Easter, and haven't linked to already, which means I've probably discovered them through Blog Against Theocracy, but not necessarily.

"No particular order whatsoever" seems fair:

Paperwight's Fair Shot
: Really well-written, one of us, cares about the blogosphere, has standards. I like it.

Improvisations: Arab Woman Progressive Voice: Did you know that Palestinian activists planted trees for each of the Virginia Tech victims? You would if you read this gal. As she says in her profile: "Since I often find myself caught between anti-Arab racism and arab reactionary politics, both of which threaten to gag me, I'm raising my voice against both, hoping in the process to contribute an improvised note to a progressive Arab blogosphere." Unique voice? Ya think? There are few blogs about which I would say, "the world needs this blog." This is one of them.

Blonde Sense: One of us, except she's blonde, and even I can forgive her. Which means she's smart and worth reading.

If I Ran The Zoo: Paperwight pointed out that this blog, while pretty simple in design and approach, is one of those deserving of greater attention. Agreed. Read this post, for instance.

There Is No Blog
(by there is no spoon): Yeah, yeah. No Spoon frequently posts at the House of Orange but I respect him anyway because he also has his own blog. He's a good writer. I like him.

Winners are asked to follow the rules here. Share the love, etc.


  1. Wow, thanks! This is quite an honor.

  2. i nominated you for one too, last week here.

  3. Thank you very much, Blue Gal. You rock!

  4. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I nominated you last year, BG, the first time I was tagged.



  5. You rule, darlin'.
    Big, big ups.

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