Wednesday, April 11

Don't Sugarcoat It Award for April 11

I've been saving up these awards but it's time to give 'em out. And the don't sugarcoat it award is now being enhanced with an actual prize. But first to the three (!) winners:

Winner Number 1

The Neoskeptic, who has defended "what Jefferson really meant" for the blogswarm against theocracy, but whose comment at this post, directed at theocrat and mis-quoter Bob Ellis, wins him the prize:

And, as a graduate of The University, you had better not EVER misuse a quote of Th. Jefferson against me, or I shall rain down a world of intellectual pain and righteous vengeance upon thee, motherfucker.

And then Ellis takes the bait, and it rains.

Winner Number 2

Liberal Oasis, for this simple, direct, statement of fact:

You know what sends mixed signals to Syria? Working with Syria to torture our detainees for us, then attacking Syria for sponsoring terrorism.

Winner Number 3

The Largest Minority, for their story on a proposed arms sale to Arab nations? Clutch yer pearls, Senator Lieberman!

Congress, which is almost entirely pro-Israel, has 30 days to block the proposed sale if they so choose from the date they are notified about it. Formal Notification will likely take place later this month. One solution being considered is for a separate arms sale to Israel so that the Israelis won’t have to fear about losing their spot in the food chain.

By now you ought to be up to your neck in bullshit. With about 200 nuclear weapons in their possession, Israel doesn’t have anything to worry about with this sale. This has nothing to do with protecting Israel’s right to exist, and everything to do with keeping Israel’s neighbors defenseless. Then again, I’m a terrorist sympathizer.

No way, LM! You're a don't sugarcoat it winner!

Okay, now about those prizes. The winners, should they choose to accept it, may send their snail mail addy to bluegalsblog AT gmail DOT com. One of these days they will receive in the mail their very own "Vituperative foul-mouthed blogger of the left" button from my Cafepress income vacuum store. (Sorry, if any of you actually make money from Cafepress, more power to you.)


You may remember that V.F.M.B.O.T.L. is what Washington Post Columnist David Broder called us in a column last September. I responded in a post at The Aristocrats, where I unfortunately managed to use the F word only 49 times. I was so grateful to the commenters who pointed out those declensions of "fuck" that I had missed.


  1. "The thing about Iraq is, they came before us with all of these tersely worded statements.

    Iraq. Tremendous weapons.

    'How do you know this?

    Well, we looked at the receipts.'-

    paraphrased from Bill Hicks.

  2. only 49 times? damn girl! showing some restraint :) loved your pics and i proudly support any!!

  3. Brilliant! I like Winner Number 2 the best for it's terseness, but they are all great! Neoskeptic's picture of the principal from the Breakfast Club is classic!

  4. I love, "intellectual pain and righteous vengeance..."

  5. What an honor. I haven't even prepared a speech! I'd like to thank the Academy, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ, and BlueGal for graciously offering me this award and for making my expletive-laced rants seem like a Sunday sermon. I'm king of the world!


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