Saturday, April 7

We're number one.

If you get a chance, go vote for Blog against Theocracy at Technorati.

We are the number one WTF blurb right now. That is terrific.

Off to take the kids to a church spring (yeah right, who are they kidding) carnival. Back this afternoon to put up more links.

Memo to Mr. BG the house is a shambles. Deal.


  1. voted. How many times can we vote? Is this like Florida, or Ohio?

  2. good job on this Blue Gal

  3. I agree, that website is tricky. I ended up voting for Buchanan on accident... twice.

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Uh, I think agree with what you are trying to do, BG, but I don't understand ...

    What is a WTF and why should I vote for a WTF ?

    I didn't know what a blogswarm was -- but some googling enlightened me. Let me get this straight, you want folks to post a link to your Blog Against Theocracy site? Problem is, there is little information there. The internet is all about information. So I pass.

    Anyway, it's too late now, but if you do this again in the future, please explain in plain english what you are trying to do and what you want us to do to help. Do not assume that all your readers are hard core bloggers who understand blog lingo and blog culture.

  5. Good point Anonymous.

    I pointed out my purpose in my post of March 27, and at the sidebar on the Blog Against Theocracy website.

    But we always need to be careful of being meta bloggers. I appreciate the comment very much.

  6. i think you've done a grand job, but yeah, i am not up on a lot of the computerese either.

    old, yep, at 55, old! ; )

  7. Wooo-Hoooo, BlueGal!!! What an incredible experience this is turning out to be!! Great reading everywhere, food for though, myriad voices. I'm lovin' it. Thank you for this!!!

  8. Anonymous6:02 AM

    it looked so easy, our heritage beckoned
    the nation was, after all, christian
    and so they began their crusade marching toward theocracy
    and as they plodded the children wailed “are we there yet?”
    and god whispered back “you're going the wrong way”


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