Saturday, April 28

Blue Gal, not to get fresh, but what are you wearing?

After emailing this to like, the third person today, I decided to just go ahead and post it:

If I may speak frankly?

impeachment of the war profiteer criminals running this country
ending gun violence in the US
working for justice in the Middle East
standing for solutions in Darfur

and yeah, Kucinich for President.

Frankly? May I speak frankly?

I don't give a fuck anymore if these causes are hopeless. If I'm not
working for what I think is right, then I'm over. I'm gonna follow my
heart and that's it.

Glad I'm not alone.


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  2. Yes! I don't care what DKos says, Kucinich has integrity and deserves our support.

  3. Hopeless causes: the only ones worth fighting.

  4. PS: The more time passes, the dumber Dkos sounds.

  5. I was gonna say, QD. Liberality, you had me at "I don't care what DKos says..."

  6. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Speaking Truth to Power has seldom been a "winning strategy," but without it we'd be fucked.

    Special K has the courage to do it, to bring our concerns and our perspectives to the table of national discourse. He deserves our very vocal support.

    OK gang... DE-NIS! DE-NIS! DE-NIS! DE-NIS...

  7. After the impeachment of the war profiteering criminals running this country, the next president of the United States will be Nancy Pelosi! She is only two indictments away from the oval office! Pelosi in '07!

    PELO-SI... PELO-SI... PELO-SI...

  8. Anonymous11:14 PM

    No, you're not alone...there are many stand up Americans beside you.

  9. Frankly, if Bush and Cheney - particularly Cheney - are not impeached, then I don't know what impeachment is good for.

  10. Hey, you cribbed my list!

    Glad you're in the world, BG.


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