Saturday, April 28

Go say hi.

"Maybe one day blue gal will link me and then I'll be truly happy."

There ya go, Monkey Muck. Blogrolled, too.

Have fun with Dennis Kucinich tomorrow night and send us a report.


  1. Woooo hooo, my simian brain is on overload with happiness, I made it to the big leagues in just a few short weeks. Can and will report on the Kucinich appearance in my area. We hope to shake his hand, that is if he does not mind touching a damn dirty ape like us that is. Seriously, to be linked and mentioned on blue gal on Impeachment Saturday and going to see Rep. Dennis Kucinich tomorrow, this is pretty damn close to Monkey heaven for us.

  2. i've bookmarked it. i'll read later. lookls cool! thanks.

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Read it, Loved it, Bookmarked it.

    Again BG, there you are, expanding my universe! Thanks.


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