Wednesday, April 11

On the Imus thing.

I left this comment over at QuakerDave's and thought I'd post it here, too.

I loved Serena Roberts' column in the newyorkfuckingtimes today, page C13, I think. It's timesfuckingselect, natch. Talked about it being more than race, also gender. It's not about taking offense any more, it's about accepting that equality between men and women is a given. And in the sports world in particular we've just got too far to go.

And Paul Hinrichs at Aristocrats (love him) also points out a different perspective, leave Imus to his idiot audience which is not what we're doing but it's interesting, isn't it? I mean, QD, seriously honey, you didn't listen to Imus before this. Neither did I. What Imus has done, bless him and curse him, is get the attention of people too smart to listen to his show. Those people also sit in the board rooms of advertising agencies and networks.

The NYT column pointed out that the network execs were "pulled out of their focus group meetings" by this controversy. I think that's the real subtext of where Imus "crossed over the line." NOT that he used a racial sexist slur, hell, he does that all the time. But THIS time he got attention from...well...Rutgers University Alums. Not his intention, I'm sure, and if he survives this, (and QD honey for all our wishing I think he will) I doubt he'll cross THAT line again, though it's a tough one to see.

And as I said at 'risties, the Rutgers team used their minute-thirty-five to show the media what class is, so stay tuned, we'll be right back with a Anna Nicole Smith paternity update. (Speaking of ho's, anybody on TV who gives Imus an interview? Yup.) Again, the impact brought about by those amazing women, with their grace and resolve, is, I'm sorry to say, with the intellectuals who have been angered by this.


  1. you did such a great job with blogs against theocracy, BeeGee, what about a blogs against sexism over Mother's Day weekend?

    i also want to thank you wholeheartedly for being such an inspirational and organizational force among us lefties and stuff. you're wonderful.

  2. those ladies were an inspiration.
    i felt like cheering!

  3. I think you scored a three-pointer with this one BG ... maybe a three-pointer, as the buzzer sounded, with your team down by two!



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