Sunday, April 1

There is no such thing as a secure server.

I just wanna say this. There's been a swarm about Blog Against Theocracy. Duh. It's a blogswarm.

As a result, it appears some mass emails (not coming from me, but still) are getting picked up as spam and putting some blogger panties in a twist. Well, let me not sugarcoat this: security fetishists who get real proprietorial about their hard-drives shouldn't be connecting to the internet, period, in my opinion. Spam happens, and way worse happens. I think people who really spam and really worm, etc, should be thrown in jail without internet for about ten years, so they're so behind the techology curve when they get out they have to work as printer service technicians for the rest of their lives. But hey. The technology we are using is figuratively in the stone ages. If you have a free email account, yer gonna get spam. Get over it.

That said, if thinks I'm going to give them my email address, they seriously need to think again.

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