Wednesday, April 4

Art and chaos day at Blue Gal


Note: your boss may consider some of the links in the post NSFW.

Self-censorship? Well, sure.

You know I post novelty panties here on a fairly regular basis. It's a way to inject a little innocent, yet sexy, humor into this blog, and it's also a running commentary on how so much of the internet, and particularly web searches, are devoted to porn.

One of the rules I have is that particularly for women's underwear, no one must be actually wearing the panties. I had hoped that would keep me out of the realm of pornography. (Sorry, gentlemen, but as far as men not wearing panties here? You are soooo shit outta luck.)

So of course I was brought up short when a woman blogger was threatened with images regarding her face and panties and well, disgusting doesn't even begin to describe it. The perpetrator of that should be incarcerated, either in a mental institution or prison.

But back to lighter stuff and the question of self-censorship. I thought I was fine with the rule of "hey, if nobody's wearing the panties, I'm outta the porn market." Then I saw the E.V. Day website. E.V. Day does stuff with red panties and chicken eggs and blown glass and....whoa. I mean, as open-minded as I am, I would not post an image of Crimson Wave here. That to me is just unbelieveably erotic. No one is wearing them, but is it safe for work? I honestly don't think so.

Bop around the site though
. There's something wonderful, and very Blue Gal, about seeing over 200 thongs stretched into flight at the mother f-ing Whitney.

And yeah, E.V. Day did the stuff on the magazine cover above. I think as a feminist I might find mummified female forms attached to a wall of questionable politics, except that they're Barbies. That's called pushing the envelope and making the viewer question. And that, my friends, is art.

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