Saturday, April 28

You bet your ass we're taking back the blog.

And yeah, Pammy can eat her Bolton-lovin' heart out. Wait, I know reading the odd words in that sentence is just plain wrong. Don't do it.

Today is Take Back The Blog day and speaking of Pammy Atlas, I've been considering the idea of doing a little vlogging, knowing full well that after my first vlog I'd have to clean up the puddle of anonymity dripping down between my feet.

And that loss of anonymity brings with it the whole problem. I'm a woman. Exposure might lead to all kinds of unwanted attention, and I'm pretty good at deflecting that, but watching what happened to a woman who didn't mean to offend anyone....

...just not sure I wanna go there. And folks, it happens. All the time. If I had an extra half hour I could link to six or seven women telling of the time they were threatened physically by an anonymous message. Here's one, found with no effort whatsoever. I know. I know.

And yet, I don't want to be governed by fear either. But when you get in the habit of checking the back seat of your car for an intruder before you get in... When you simply don't walk alone at night, ever... When your heart beats a little faster in fear because you find yourself in an elevator with a stranger...

Listen guys, we women are sometimes governed by fear, and sometimes its totally, totally justified.

It should not be so. I should be able to post my panties images and giggle and make fun of this administration and use my real name without fear that someone's going to threaten me. I do believe that the weird sick people who do that sort of thing are in the vast minority. It only takes one to change your life forever.

We as the blogosphere community will take back the blog together. I love, and I mean LOVE (don't get jealous, Mr. BG) the men and women I have met through this amazing medium. They're more than supportive of women's rights in the abstract. It's so much more than that. I email fellow bloggers all the time and there is always the presumption of equality. So much so that it's easy to take that for granted. Then you walk out into the "real" world and try to get promoted or into management or just get a high school history teaching job that doesn't require you to coach football. Gender discrimination? Yeah, it is.

I'm sorry, I don't want this to be a feminist issue. Hell, I don't want feminism to be a feminist issue. Sure, women bloggers are empowered. Is there anybody who reads this blog on a regular basis who thinks I'm not empowered? Anyone? Anyone? Okay. But we women bloggers are not doing this alone. And for that I'm very grateful.

Take back the blog means standing up for free speech, human decency, and safety for everyone. We're all for that, and we'll work out what that looks like together.

Happy Saturday, everybody.

I'm kissing that furry orange cheek like it or not, Dr. Zaius. Thanks for "Super Blue Gal."


  1. isn't it ironic that women are pretty much equal on the blogs but not in the 'real' world? who are the people on the internet if they aren't the same people in the 'real'world? i find it ironic to blog and have a conversation with someone as anonymous equals and then this person is potentially in charge of a job- and because i am a woman- i don't get promoted. and this person may or may not have known who i was from the internet. not to mention the stalker stuff. anyhoo- pre cuppa musings and food for thought. happy saturday blue gal!

  2. Thank you for the link, Blue Gal. I am linking to your post off my original post. Really enjoy your work. Take care.

  3. great, great post

    i think the only place i am equal is blogging(most times). that's a sad fact of life but tho i can see how much things HAVE changed since i was young there is still so much more to be done.

    fear? fear can be a sign if intellegence. we know how the world works. women have been dealing in realities since time began, i truly believe that.

    but we make progress. as it was said, two steps forward and one back is STILL progress.

    it isn't fair, but then life isn't, is it? ; )

  4. You. Rock.

    So does the graphic. When you rant like this, I think of you just this way.

  5. I echo QD you do rock. As I was reading this I thought about Shakes and the Edwards campaign. Would the same things have been said by the fundies if it was Shakespeare's Brother and not Sister? Would the same amount of pressure have been there if Melissa was a man? In fact, both of the bloggers were women so how does that affect that? If it were two men with the same opinions would they have faced the same amount of ranting? So what I am saying is that blogging may be equal, but when blogging meets the "real world" is it still as equal? I am not sure if this is a coherent point, but hopefully you get what I am saying.

  6. Just chiming in as well on your splendiferous rockage, BG! Solidarity is how where going to fight this abuse and win.

  7. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Blue Gal - it is not a feminist issue, it is a human rights issue. No one should ever feel threatened or live in fear for any reason, let alone for expressing an opinion.



    PS - I've always thought that you were Super

  8. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Anonymous threats of violence against anyone for opinions expressed are incredibly cowardly behavior. Physical or sexual threats against women, however, carry with them the assumption that the threat is aimed at a physically weaker target, and are therefore even more cowardly and downright disgusting.

    It is everyone's obligation, and especially every man's obligation, to speak out against these threats. Bullies need to know that the whole community in which they live stands united in opposition to their ideas.

    Of course, my support for you as a blogger/vlogger from a thousand miles away is nice but fairly ineffective. The reality is that I'd rather see you continue to spread sanity as you now do than see you spend your time and energy trying to protect yourself and your family from vicious idiots.

    I know it's your personal choice, and those of us who have come to know and respect you will stand by you either way. It's just that I've seen a lot of good things go bad, and you deserve better than that.

  9. I've been traveling all day, so am coming to this a little late in the day, and a little tired.

    I do think women are more "equal" in blogs than in the "real" world ... but let's keep in mind why "Take Back the Blogs" is taking place. It’s because even in the online community women are not safe.

    BG sums it up well in explaining why she does not want to come out of the blogger closet. There is at least potential for physical violence.

    I agree with Josh, would the treatment have been the same had the Edwards campaign bloggers been men? And I agree with CR that there is a presumption about women being weaker that for me makes this a "feminist" issue.

    Before we can get to addressing human rights issues, we must first rid the world of the ridged gender role stereotypes that position women as weaker -- read inferior -- to men. That makes any deviation from these ridged roles -- read lesbian or gay -- so unacceptable.

    I truly believe that if we can resolve some of the "feminist" issues, a whole lot of other "issues" will be resolved as well.



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