Wednesday, April 25

Catching up...

Oh, don't we all? (from Big Head DC archives)

Before I tie up my machine with defrag I want to post a couple things:

While Cap'n Dyke did not testify her own self at the Congressional Hearing on equal pay for women, (WHY are we still talking about this? WHY?) her co-hort Dedra did an amazing job, and the Cap'n did get to meet with congressional staff, Wake-up Walmart people, and generally give her all for the cause. The hearing will run on C-Span, details to follow, I'm sure, and there's also a podcast and transcripts here. Summa the women on the committee rocked, too. Major League hat-tip again to Doctor Zaius for all his help.

Regarding Blue Gal's Salon: I know. I know. Starting next Monday, we WILL start having a couple hours a day Mondays when you can guarantee that Blue Gal will be in attendance at her own Skype Salon. To that end, I will never go to the bank on a Monday again for the rest of my life. What I'm looking at (Central Time) is 11 to 12 am and then again in the evening around 9. The salon is open all day Monday anyway and lots happens when I'm not around, too. So work around your schedule, or let me know what's cooking with you (I added the email addy to the sidebar for convenience's sake) and I'll try to adjust. Apart from getting kids to school and home again and then dinner and tubby, I'm pretty open.

If you're having any problems with skype (and remember you don't need any skype equipment just a high speed internet connection and to download skype here) please email me. I can getcha some help.


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Damn BG I think I missed the Cap'n. I think they were courageous- the status quo in these companies won't change unless people force them to and of course this is easier said than done...To me, its about doing but also about supporting those who do. That's a big part of it, letting women know that when they walk into these places that women all around are behind them and are watching. Paying attention.

    Good luck with your computer. I dont know what this skype is about, but I swear I will look into it. One of these days.

  2. Anonymous7:38 AM

    WAIT...I have those underpants! :)


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