Sunday, April 15

Missed opportunity from Googlelabs.

For those of you who are new readers at Blue Gal, there is an iron clad rule regarding Mister Blue Gal, and that rule is: don't get me started.

I am telling you. For real.

It was Gmail's April Fool's Joke. But Mister Blue Gal WOULD PAY REAL MONEY for this service.

And even more money, EXTRA money, BONUS money, hell! FOUNDATION money!!! if they would just mail the box to the Illinois State Historical Library.

Oh look, you got me started. Iron clad rule regarding Mister Blue Gal? Don't get me started.

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  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    This is the truth: I had this idea back in 2001. In the novel I was working on back then, the baddies were Communion-style aliens who modeled themselves after Imperial Brits. They disliked the rudeness of email, so they would convert their emails to hard copies. "Faximailes" I think I called it.


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