Monday, April 30

Facing the fear and doing it anyway.

Sure there are times when I'm so tired of death and torture and powers and no justice, no justice.

Darfur, Guantanamo, secret prisons, and the suits in Washington are fighting posturing, about timetables. Timetables.

Jesus walked around with a broken heart for approximately thirty six years. He healed, he cast out demons, and he had no patience or even time for political power, a personal sense of what he "wanted to do", some human agenda. That was not his mission.

His mission was peace, healing, and changing the world.

What is the least I can do?


  1. I'd say the very least is breathe all the way in.

    Then exhale.

    Then repeat.

    You need to be strong and healthy to fight for peace and justice. Breathe all the way in.
    Then exhale.

    Then repeat.

  2. Anonymous1:01 AM

    You're right, BG. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Neither you nor I are Jesus.

    Emulation is good, but we cannot be expected to be Son of God.

    Have you tried hitting the heavy bag, not a reference to you husband.

    Organic George

  4. Thanks Organic. I'm not trying to be Jesus. I am trying to follow him. And believe me, when I'm not crying, I'm hitting everything in sight, except for Mr. BG and the little BG's of course. Beating my own breast is pretty much a constant, though.

    I keep telling myself that the demons don't stand a chance. Not a chance.


  5. Anonymous8:11 PM

    This old world needs help, and plenty of it. Strange how most of the people with the money and the power and the bully pulpit aren't helping.

    Then there's you, Gal, and People Like You, who DO make a difference. Your courage, convictions and perspectives make a real difference in my life.

    All any true Christian could ever be asked to do is carry a little of Jesus' load. You seem to be carrying enough to make up for slackers like me! Thanks.


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