Friday, April 27

A feel good for Friday!

Love on all those coming from Crooks and Liars, especially Mike his own self, whose commemorative panties are here.

And if you just can't get enough left wing politics with bonus panties, full-frontal Blue Gal is here.


Thank you, thank you so very much, to the fourteen people who were arrested in the Hart Senate Office Building this week, for doing this:

Damn, I needed that. h/t the princess .


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Ah, its Friday. Have a good weekend Blue Gal.

  2. WOW. Just like the Sixties.

    I can say that. I still remember them.

    And they got arrested for what, exactly? Peacefully assembling? Petitioning their government for redress of grievances?

  3. right on!

    yea for the the 60's and for old ones like me and dave i guess. : )

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Favorite part: "power to the people" comment by the minister as he was walking in handcuffs.

    Maybe I should go to the Senate Office building and pass out Panties for Peace - or maybe I should go wearing ONLY Panties for Peace?

  5. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Any coverage of this in the M$M? I didn't hear it on NPR, but I could have missed it.

    God Bless these folks - we need a lot more public calls for peace and justice.

    Any word on a defense fund? It would be good to support our "troops" in the trenches, seeing as they took the hit for us all.

  6. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Hey - the title at the end says 2006!

  7. It was this week, after the Gonzales hearings.

    anonymous you might want to take that up over at youtube.

  8. Anonymous12:38 PM

    So, it's a crime, is it, "unlawful assembly" to gather in a group of 14 in a public place to recite the Constitution, to reproduce it, to make reference to it, to quote it, to peacefully assemble, to redress grievances, to speak freely, to be such a person in the US of A?

    How can the police involved in this possibly imagine that there can be a law called 'unlawful assembly' that they should be enforcing? Do these police have any knowledge of the Bill of Rights at all?

    Let me say one thing I know for sure. If the police and military make it a crime to assemble peacefully to present the Constitution for reading, in public, then they leave the people but one choice - to assemble in fashions other than peaceful.

    "What did YOU do today, daddy?" "Well, my son and daughter, I arrested and jailed 14 people for the crime of presenting the Constitution for reading in public, and made Amerika a place safer from such terrorism."


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