Wednesday, April 18


Cernig at Newshog is pushing for a Snowdrop Petition to ban handguns in the US.

It won't happen, yeah, I know. It won't happen.

But here's the deal: I want to work in this country against a culture of violence. I have to be a part of that work. I know that what ultimately happens will be somewhere in the middle but I'm going to go to an extreme because Charlton Heston does not seem to have enough opposition right now.

That is all.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I do not know you personally, but I know I love you. Your blog is a must read everyday for me now. If I believed in such a thing I'd thank god for you, but since I don't I will say this, "Thank goodness Blue Gal lives and blogs."

  2. There will be some moderate measures taken to reduce handgun distribution but true bans on handguns are wishful thinking.

    We can continue to fight for gun control, but guns are so endemic to our society. I keep thinking about Bowling for Columbine and the messages it makes about our violent American, gun loving, country.

    Sad that it takes an event of this magnitude to get a discussion about gun control going in this country.

  3. got it up at my blog too.

    it's a start to a discussion that has been long overdue no matter what one's postition is.

  4. Will post and link to this shortly.

    Can't hurt to start the conversation.

    But wait till the gun fetishists find you, BG: they're swarming at my digs today!

  5. i have tons of gun lovers that i hang around with, but they are used to me and so just sort of look at me as if i am a not so bright little puppy.

    which, is better, i suppose, than what they thought when they first met me about 10 years ago.

    i think they thought i was a communist then.

    now, i'm a sweet, slightly addled little liberal! ; )

  6. which lets me still work towards some understanding and maybe a middle ground.

  7. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Trying to ban guns in this country without first changing our culture of fear and violence is like trying to stop drug trafficking without first dealing with poverty and despair.

    I'm currently looking into getting a beefy handgun for protection... against animals. Been running into catamount sign in remote places where I spend quite a bit of time alone, and Lord knows I'm pretty lunchable!

    Having said that, I'd still be happy to sign a Total Ban Petition. Even though it's unlikely to happen any time soon, enough signatures might induce Signs of Spines in our lawmakers, who I believe would "do the right thing" if they knew We The People were behind them. Then we could scream for sensible baby steps, like a TOTAL BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS in the States.

    So the TIME IS NOW. Who has a voice and will get this thing started while the whole damned nation is grieving for V.T.?

  8. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Thanks for the email about this! I'll post it tomorrow.

  9. Even though I'm techically "evil", I hate handguns with a passion. I say ban all guns that only have the purpose to kill people. I'll go midground with hunting weapons. Though I'm a vegetarian, I won't deny folks the right to hunt dangerous or delicious animals.

    Oh, and for your viewing pleasure . . .

  10. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I know. The petition probably won't happen. Still..."One brick in the wall you may be, one voice in the crowd, But without you we are weaker, and our voice may not be heard, One drop in the ocean, but each drop will swell the tide, So be your one brick in the wall, be one voice in the crowd." If you are looking for an anthem to back up the petition or to get people going, check out "One Voice In the Crowd" via the internet. The song--longer than this--is by Judy Small, Australia, 1985, and it's downloadable. Onward, forward.

  11. Anonymous8:29 PM

    You can have my guns when you can pry them from my cold stiff fingers Liberal scum zoom Marxist dweebie. I won't be letting go of my Assault Rifle (Ak-47) any sooner than my hunting rifels.


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