Monday, April 30

Blue Gal at the Salon today Noon Eastern...

...and probably sometime tonight too. Maybe ten Eastern.

Isn't it nice that in html you don't have to dust when company comes. That coffee you smell, why yes, it is fair trade organic dark roast, and it's "Hardy Passion" blend, naturally. And I'm baking those GQ baking powder biscuits every thirteen minutes, because that's what I do.

I guarantee that I my own self will be at the Skype Salon from noon to one Eastern time today.

Couple things: Monkey Muck saw Kucinich last night, and has his report here.

And Mark H. at The Aristocrats pointed out that Wapo is covering the whole gender threats in the blogosphere issue this morning. Food for thought and maybe for discussion.

So that it get's caught this way in the "who's blogging" link over there, I'll put it this way: Live chat discussion by bloggers of this article at Noon Eastern.

You download Skype here. (remember you don't need headset, camera, or anything other than high speed internet and a keyboard. It's typing, not writing.)

Then you get to the salon here.

Hope to see you there.

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