Thursday, April 19

Meet the Anti-Pammy.

I can't believe this woman is vlogging for the first time here. I'm going to have to watch it several times to actually respond to what Arbitrarymarks is saying...right now I'm just so blown away by her intelligence and self-assurance.

The right wing has Pammy of Assless slugs. I'm gonna break my own rule and link, so you can see what I mean.

We've got this woman. Heh.

The Blog Against Theocracy started when I was just sitting there thinking that maybe this would be a good idea and I would let my fellow bloggers know about it and we could have a few score posts and you know, raise awareness, etc. I just can't believe that it resulted in this video, and this level of participation. *Sigh*

I would ordinarily ask you to leave comments over at Arbitary's blog (blogrolled, babe) but comments for her BAT post seem to have expired or something, so the thread's open and I'll email her. Thanks.


  1. Wow, she's awesome. When's her TV show on?

  2. Well thought out and organized. You should keep this up.

    Having been on all sides of these discussion (as a Christian, an ardent Atheist, and everything in between) the tentative conclusion I have come to is this: there is no Us and Them. Just Us, the world. There are cultural differences, some of them dramatic, but we are all the same species inhabiting this tiny little planet. And we move closer and closer all the time to understanding that.

    That isn't to say there still aren't fights to be had - there clearly are - but it is getting better. Ups and downs in the short term, but the zeitgeist improves overall.

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Hey Blue Gal, found your site through Dan's (Yet Another UU...)

    Glad that you enjoyed my vlog. Hopefully I'll find time to make another. And yeah, create a response--maybe on YouTube? It'd be great to start a conversation there.

    Oh, and I am unlocking comments on that thread so folks can comment (I do that to avoid spam on old posts).

  4. BG I'm so glad you posted this. I saw it during BAT, and had intended to put it up on my blog ... but somehow got distracted and it never happened.

    This woman is GREAT. We do have the best folks on our team!!


  5. Man, that is a LONNNNG list. Nice job.

    And where did you find HER? Something tells me she has a future.

  6. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Again, as always, thanks. You're my window on Teh Good. Keep it commin'

    ...and hyaw, she's good!

  7. Anonymous9:15 PM

    ...especially after listening to Pammy's Blond-On-The-Inside drivel!

  8. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Wow - she should be teaching, I'm stunned that she does this without notes or pauses.


  9. Her argument is summed up well with the concept of "trying to find that common ground [...] where we can all reason together," which she attributes to Paul. She is wonderful. Wonder Bras, eye shadow and lipstick all pale significantly as forms of enhancement when compared to a woman wearing a well educated brain.

  10. Zaius. That's the theme of this entire blog. Thanks for "getting it."

  11. Yeah, well, I'm just saying that I really liked the way she said it, that's all. **sheesh** You're always so mean to me. ;o)

  12. Wow. I'm in Love again!
    Drat, she has a ring on so she must be attached.
    Oh well, so am I..
    And Honey if you read this, I only Love her mind.(-:
    I'm gonna link to this vid also if no one minds. I've already linked to The Blog Against Theocracy.


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