Thursday, October 11

Hey at least she's not a flag lapel pin.

One more post about Elizabeth Kucinich and then I'm gonna stfu and stick to the issues. Here's a little exercise for you:

Go to a used clothing store in Greater Cleveland, Ohio.

Try something on.

Look like this.

Then sit and wonder why the media likes her.

But Roger Ailes is right and Howie Kurtz is full of it. Which is as media insider as I EVER wanna get.

This article says the cameras are all for her, too.


  1. One of the best sayings I've ever heard goes like this: "Americans love the underdog, but always go home with the winner".

    Hence our current fascination with Kucinich and his lovely wife.

  2. she's a very beautiful lady.... dark horse

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Geez, well...she's so intriguing. Brains, beauty, a conscience...I don't think she's detracting attention so much as bringing more attention to her man and the issues...amazing.

  4. She's smart, and hot ... who could ask for more?


  5. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Hubby is on his way home...currently in Germany at my 2:25 a.m. PST. He just told me that AL GORE ONE THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.

    That is something!


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