Saturday, October 6

Saturday Songs (for us girls and those who love us)

Meryn Cadell. Her classic 1992 album, Angel Food for Thought, went up recently at iTunes. Laa.

And this morning found this one under my pillow. ha. They kinda go together. The late Kirsty MacColl:


  1. Mmmmmm... Kirsty, so nice.I had not heard this in a very long while.

    Be at peace wherever you are Kirsty.

    Great song. Let's do it.

  2. dynamite selections.... i always like to find stuff i didn't know about on BLOGS....

    Another Kirsty

    Meryn Cadell 

    Blue Rodeo

  3. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Thanks for the great vids. I love to find new music...somehow the nineties slipped by without me knowing about Meryn Cadell. I just bought the album at itunes. As for Kirsty...well, that is tragic. It was great to hear that song again...been a long time.

    Great Blog. I'll be back to read some more. I only wish that I could articulate and comprehend so well...

  4. I love Kirsty! Thanks.


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