Friday, October 12

What every Blue Gal needs....

I wish my inbox had a nice pair of satiny knickers but instead it was just another article giving me a reason why I should hate Joe Lieberman. Got plenty of those, thanks.


  1. I wasn't aware that losing your party's nomination for Senate meant you had to become as far-right as possible in retaliation.

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Lieberman continues to demonstrate that party lines in this country have been strangely drawn. It seems clear that he and Jesse Helms would fit comfortably in the same bin. Helms, a N.C. Dem, jumped ship when the Repugs made good on their southern strategy. Joe would be a great V.P. candidate on a Giuliani ticket.

    Sleazebo, is my take.

  3. joey

    i know you've heard it all before -
    so I don't say it anymore
    i just stand by and watch you
    fight your secret war.
    although I used to wonder why -
    i used to cry till I was dry.
    still sometimes I get a strange pain
    oh, joey, if youre hurting so am i.

  4. Anonymous11:41 PM

    You should drop by and see what LIEberman's bff has to say about his kind these days.

  5. He is the worst epitome of the self loathing Jew in the world. It sickens me. People died in ovens for this.

    I am outraged.

  6. Has Lieberman been on the right side of anything in the past year? Here, he decides he'll let Waxman do all the work.


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