Sunday, October 28

Intelligent thinking on Intelligent Design

[Okay once again I have my limits as to images I will or will not post but I have to admit about the one that will appear when you click here? I did laugh. A lot.]

Ha. From the Quaker pages of Beliefnet.

According to Wikipedia the controversy centres around the following issues:
1/ Whether Intelligent Design can be regarded as science.
2/ Whether the evidence supports Intelligent Design.
3/ Whether teaching Intelligent Design is appropriate.

My position on these is:
1/ No.
2/ No.
3/ No.


More cool religious links. (Yes, religion can be cool!)

Thorsmark has the best
lengthy description of what blogs are and why they matter that I've ever read. Start halfway down the post under the heading, "Why should we care about blogs?"

The wonderful blog The Revealer tells us that once again, the claims that the religious right are dead are, well, overstated to say the least.

Love this [click image for larger]:


  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    "Intelligent design"... does it matter? Apparently more in the United States than in Canada. As to the so-called J.C. Blog... my goodness, he doesn't look so much middle Eastern as European. Also, I think it's already been done, the "blog", I mean. I think that's called "hubris", the temerity to write such a thing, and how particularly helpful is that? Anyway, love your links, Blue Gal. Yesterday, I listened to "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Aanymore" by Alan Rickman et al, and got the link to the same song, and clips from the Harry Potter series, in which Alan Rickman is Snape. That gave me the link to a satirical song, "We're Winning the War on Drugs" by the Asylum Street Spankers, much more creative and interesting than the pointless J.C. blog (intended to get people on side--far right side--lots of luck...not).

  2. Great great great!

    As for the "hidden" photo- loved it!

    As for intelligent design. Intelligent design is what I find a website I might like or some other graphic expression. For science- not so much. Can these folks not get a life? Please? I mean to each their own, but don't push it on me.

    Other links- great as well. And I love the Jesus Blog! I would like to post that at the blog I write for my church that has so few readers. Deep sigh.

    And here a link from moi where I actually quote some Scripture to Rick Santorum.

    Who, among others, will be very, very shocked and disappointed when they see all the really motley folks wandering around heaven. That is if he gets there..

  3. The hidden photo reminds me of a magnet I have on my refrigerator that says "I gave myself to Jesus, and now he never calls."

    The attorney's at Americans United did an EXCELLENT job presenting the case against Intelligent Design in public school classrooms in the Dover, PA case. Check the AU web site for info.

    AU also posted a great report about why the Religious Right isn't "dead" ... yes, I know I'm bias, but so what! ha


  4. I especially liked the pharmaceutical ad which shows up before you actually get to the BeliefNet site.

    Depressed? Can't Sleep? Suicidal?
    Buy our little green pill...

    Now THAT'S Faith.


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