Saturday, October 13

Saturday Song

My definition of old? This was 24 years ago. I remember when it was actually edgy to listen to them. I still. love. this.

So. Central Rain ("a song too new to be named") from the same appearance.


  1. Mr. Stipe's parents are extremely strange individuals, which explains Michael very well--Head-bangers and concert goers, even well into their twilight days. Comrade Kevin's knows this because his last girlfriend is friends with the group from way back in the day.

    R.E.M. was a good little band--no more, no less. It's pretty simple- in the early 80s almost every rock band was either willfully tuneless (hardcore, industrial), unbearably pretentious (synth pop), or completely faceless (AOR).

    But REM was (and arguably still is) so goddamned sincere it's practically embarrassing.

    Here were four average-looking guys, a perfect example of the sort of music geeks you might encounter in any town.

    They are also an example of the sort of sickening plunge that often happens when a group is signed to a major label. Since Out of Time, they have not been the same. There's a sort of purity in their IRS releases that would not be forthcoming later.

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    He was a lot cuter with hair.

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

    A friend used to say that only the first three albums produced by Mitch Easter were worth listening to or going to the effort to own. After that you could understand the words in the songs and then REM became useless.

    WOW Letterman with hair - it has been a long time.

  4. That's probably the only R.E.M. song that I can listen to all the way through, but at least they didn't stoop to gratuitous jiggle steeped in borrowed psychedelic chicanery in order to sell their artistic concept...Oh wait...


  5. South Central Rain is one of my favorite songs. God we're all getting old.

  6. i layed some REM on Spiider the other day within the context of what appeared to be some mutually experienced incomrehensibility in response to i forget what.....

    I'm the real thing (I'm the real thing)
    Have you seen her come around?
    My crush with eyeliner
    I'm in like
    I'm infatuated
    It's all too much - the pressure
    She's all that I can take
    What position should I wear?
    Cop an attitude? (you fake her)
    How can I convince her? (fake her)
    That I'm invented too, yeah
    I am smitten
    I'm the real thing (I'm the real thing)
    We all invent ourselves

    if you believe there's nothing up his sleeve.... then nothing is cool

  7. 24 years? Wow. Time has flown.

    In the mid eighties I had to go to Atlanta all the time, on business. On many a Friday, off with the suit, on with the casual clothes and it would be off to Athens.

    I'd be myself of that era, thinking that I looked mysterious and alone. I'd go to clubs, happy if REM were in town, but other bands of that era were great to see.

    That whole Mitch Easter time was unique as was IRS records. Then it went away. Far away.

    This brought back many good memories.

    Post Script... I think I may have looked vaguely lonely and alone at the time. It was a look I cultivated. It didn't take so much work. Deep sigh.

  8. Anonymous9:57 PM

    David looks so young in that clip! So what ever happened to rem anyway?

    Check out blonde jokes for funny times.

  9. For some strange reason, I feel the urge to put on a cheap rented tux, pick up my prom date, and start dancing in my high school cafeteria...

    Of course, I'm old enough to remember when MTV actually played music videos; there were five of them, "Video Killed the Radio Star" and four by Rod Stewart.

  10. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Oh Man BG...I'm having a seriously awesome flashback with this one. I remember the shit my dad gave me for "buying this crap with my hard earned money".... Thank goodness I had plenty of time to play it when he was at work. Awesome. Thanks.

    BTW...isn't this Radio Free Europe? Also, one of my fave songs by them is Driver 8.

  11. Anonymous2:45 PM

    One more thing...dig the Rickenbacker guitars.

  12. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I loved the way that Stipe used his voice as another instrument, rather than a purely narrative device. I saw their very first concert at the Tate Street lounge, and was blown away. Afterwards, I went to a party which the band was attending. They all seemed like nice guys. Living in North Carolina gave me a lot of opportunities to see them live. I was an avid fan until "Green".

  13. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Nice choice, Gal!

    Call me "easy," but I like lots of their later stuff as well as this raw and real earlier material. I happen to think "Losing My Religion" is an amazing song, and the video of it, replete with the GG Marquez references, is probably the ultimate example of Magical Rock'n'Roll Realism!

    Just MHO, of course ;)

  14. Anonymous8:59 PM

    HAHAHAHAHAAA! Just had to type in "old gago" to submit that comment! you think this thing can see me???

  15. Anonymous1:09 PM

    twenty WHAT years? OMG. [checking in mirror] Yep, gray hair. At least I still have mine. David Letterman has much less these days. To say nothing of Michael's curly locks (way more swoonworthy with lots of long curls!)

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane ;)


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