Saturday, October 6

Technical Questions from other bloggers. Can you help?

Email inquirer number one asks:

Curious technical question. Technocrati has been showing us on the ping page as not having been updated in 24 days, yet it will pull up the current pieces. I thought this might be happening to all Blogger 2.0 accounts. Any insight?

My response:

IMHO Technorati is fucked up. Constantly. My pings are never accurate, etc. Links will appear days after I've seen the traffic come in on Statcounter. I'll post something on this this morning and see what others think.

Email inquirer number two:

Is switching from Blogger to Wordpress and is having a challenge getting a decent statcounter on the site. If a Wordpress guru wants to help with this, let me know. bluegalsblog AT gmail DOT com. I'll send on your email. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I use wordpress, and in the past was a faithful sitemeter user. I disliked their chopping off of IP addresses however, and moved to ewebcounter. This service is also free, more complete stats with full IP addresses. I also like that you can have one account but manage several sites or "projects" under one login (this is ideal if you maintain more than one blog or site)
    All you would do is set up your account with them, create a project, get the code and place in your wordpress theme's footer file. Voila.. excellent counter with complete stats :)

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    oh, I forgot another one.

    Quantcast is similar to Alexa (pretty important if you place ads on your blog/site)
    With this one you can choose from several styles of badges that will either omit your ranking, or show it (lower the better) but they also have other styles of badges that will show your monthly unique visitor total vs page view total) Worthwhile, if you want to show off the number of your unique visitors.

  3. Adding the code for Google Analytics to a Wordpress template is really easy. GA gives you step by step instructions.

  4. I use Live, a WordPress plugin that lets you watch traffic in real time- as they pop in- from your dashboard. To log the traffic, I use php mystat and Activemeter. Both are free. I've been using Activemeter since my blogger days and php mystat hooks into your mysql database. It was just added because I like new toys. :)

  5. php mystat hooks into your mysql database.

    jennyjinx you're making me hot.

  6. Yes Technorati is very screwed up. For on of my two blogs the favs show as zero but in another screen I have 15 fans. The other blog is showing correctly. Also sometimes one doesn't update even with the ping. Tech support told me they are redesigning how the favorites are handled. Sounds like they have a lot more issues.


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