Wednesday, October 24

Did I forget to post today?

Did you mean birthday parties?

No, not at all. I spent the day in deep meditation, working peacefully toward Blog Post Nirvana.

BTW Happy Birthday to Mr. BG and by happenstance it's also Comrade Kevin's Birthday. Free advice Kevin: look for someone born July 16. They'll put up with you for at least ten years, which is better than anyone born today has a right to expect. Go ahead, ask Kevin Kline and his wife Phoebe Cates. Today is that Kevin's bday, too, and Phoebe and I were born the exact same day.


  1. Well, it certainly sounds like Birthday Disco Fever was in full effect at Casa BG.

    Best wishes to all.

  2. You are so so right.

    We are a handful.

  3. Something else Mr. BG and I share besides a high opinion of Mrs. BG: birthdays. Also, Anton Von Leewenoek, YA Tittle and the Big Bopper.

  4. oh myt, birthdays! love birthdays!


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