Tuesday, October 16

What it's like.

If you were there last night, you know. I just sat there and glowed at all the brains. Mmm. Brains.


  1. wish i could have attended. sounds like a great time.

  2. BG, I think you are over emphasizing the brains over the sex and lesbian elements which seem to dominate most salons. Not that there aren't smart moments, but we seem to fall from the pedestal rather quickly.

  3. Boxer, you do have a point.

    However, the one liners that certain members throw out on a regular basis are phenomenal and so is the nonstop wit and humorous banter.

    I much enjoy it, every Monday.

  4. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I for one intend to mount that pedestal, Boxer.

    Er, something like that.



  5. Oooh Tengrain, that made me feel a bit tingly!

    It is a great weekly event and I am grateful for it and the company of such smart, funny and twisted minds.

    Thanks nto BG for putting it all together. She is the Pearl Mesta of the blog salon world without a doubt.

  6. an al hirschfeld!
    how many Ninas???

  7. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Me Pugilist, dare t'remember that Th' Cap'n has Her Eye on ye all th'time an' we will be meetin' again at th'Salon...Love ye.

  8. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Well Held, Me Sweet FranIam.

    As fer ye, Me 'Grain...yer Sentiments be sound.

    Me BlogMate BlueGal, Ye be most surely Th'Hostess with Th'Mostest (an' don't Th' Cap'n know...). Huzzah fer Ye an' yer Salon o'Smart, Funny, Twisted Tinglin' Minds.

  9. I must say one more thing... a lefty salon on a lesbian pirate ship.

    It is dreamy, isn't it????


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