Tuesday, October 2

"Officially" back together.

He had me at "I'm gonna put Dennis Kucinich on notice and have him on my show."


  1. You two look so happy together. I only hope that Reese Witherspoon and I will be as happy when we finally hook up.

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    OMG --

    BG is he holding your boobs. There are indecency laws against that kind of smut. Get a room! Will ya?

    ha ha...

  3. Reminds of the mutant who had a little psychic man inside of his chest from "Total Recall".

  4. gawd i didn't know you know colbert.... the pockets piece was perfect.... wonder if he has matches?

  5. Nah you're wrong Spartacus. Stephen does not do anything for which he might be accused while on camera.

    I did promise him that after Special K's appearance I would let him do that thing with me off-camera. You know, that thing he likes. Yeah. That.

  6. Have you been stowing away in Colbert's pockets there Blue Gal? I'm jealous. Maybe Dennis'll take you with him to Colbert...

  7. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Yeah, baby-
    he may be your little piece on the side,
    but I got *my* Colbert at home...
    papers signed and all.
    Read 'em and weep, darlin'!

  8. 1955..... that's quite a guide..... thanks laura..... lamb

  9. Ooops... i meant to post that on Frieda Bee's site for Laura Bush's Wife Manual....

    But I know that BG feels the same way about Colbert :)

  10. a perfect couple! ; )

    me, i'm still a keith o kinda gal!

  11. Anonymous9:49 PM

    What's that BG? Needle-point? Like I said, get a room. There are kids around. ha ha...

  12. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Oh, c'mon, he's not French.
    And I know what you mean: the brain is the most stimulating erogenous zone indeed.

  13. Go Stephen!

    As an aside, I didn't realize until just now that Kucinich's wife is just three years older than me. I always was a sucker for a smart redhead. Red heads often have such complexes, though.


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