Tuesday, October 23

Blue Gal gets cut.

Dear BlogRush. I would put this image at the top of my blogpost, but I have standards. I don't ever show a woman wearing panties at my blog because, well, I'm a prude.

Blogrush doesn't like the blog you're reading.

They emailed me the following:

We regret to inform you that your BlogRush Account has been made INACTIVE because your blog did not pass our Quality Review criteria. You will find instructions below for making your account active again.

We recently reviewed your blog(s) located at:

We determined that your blog did not meet our strict quality guidelines. Please do not take this personally but realize that we must abide by a very strict set of quality guidelines. (They are listed below.)

If you feel you have made the necessary changes to your blog(s) to meet our guidelines, you can resubmit your blog(s) for review after this date:
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The primary reason(s) your blog(s) did not meet our guidelines:
Inappropriate Content Or Advertising:
Obscene or Disgusting

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off.

I musta been the picture of Bush and Condi. That's the only explanation.

And I totally concur that one can be obscene without showing any flesh:

You see? I showed a lot of restraint in the choice of that picture. There's a lot more flesh showing in the Abu Gahraib flickr set.

And one can be disgusting without mentioning sex. Three words: Ken Mehlman dances. (Points to commenters who tell us what dance he's doing.)

Or one can just be funny and sexual and adult and honest and still not be offensive. I think this is hilarious:

And one can always let an angry baby do the talking for you. Here you go, Blog whatever the hell your name was:

Perhaps I am unique in seeing no inconsistency between my love for Baby Jesus and my public denunciation of our current leadership as a bunch of a sociopathic fascist fucking assholes.

And so sorry, I don't think some start-up traffic increasing widget company is going to change my mind.


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    If they're shunning you for obscene or disgusting content, there aren't going to be a whole lot of bloggers using BlogRush, are there? The blogs that make their cut are going to be so damn boring no one other than the cookie recipe swapping moms and Friday cat bloggers are going to bother looking at them.

  2. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Congratulations! What an honor. Are you going to put this on your resume?

  3. stand tall, be proud!

    i'm jealous. ; )

  4. Anonymous8:22 AM

    oh what a bummer! I don't understand that, but there may be this expanation. BlogRush said they would prefer to push lesser known blogs. If your site gets a lot of hits, that may be why.
    Mine was approved. But with that, i've emailed them several times about how their filters do not work (I got sick of the spammy sites showing up in mine for Bratz dolls, and Jergens samples, despite being in the "craft" category) Funny thing, now that they've finished these manual updates.. I'm STILL getting that crap in my blogrush widget :( I think I'm just going to delete it anyway. I don't get any traffic from it.. ever.

  5. The dance?...A little-remembered Baltimore step called the 'Avoid' - One's best beard and thou can really 'cut the rug' with it.

    And Blogrush? 'If this corporate model expresses themselves in terms too respectable for me, why what a very singularly respectable corporate model this respectable corporate model must be!'


  6. Blogrush is just another pyramid scheme. Feh.

  7. BG, note the company is called BlogRUSH. They just don't want those *phony* bloggers who don't approve of the war to post. I wonder if they approve of blogs making fun of 12 year old accident victims...

  8. I bet it was the Dennis Kucinich ad...you could have doubled down and posted an ad for Ron Paul, and they wouldn't even have bothered writing to you...

  9. Anonymous1:15 PM


    I'm with Sherry on this one. This is truly an honor. LOL. Nice work. Are you planning to respond to the e-mail and telling them to fuck off? I hope you do.

  10. Anonymous2:33 PM

    If you aren't aware, you might get a little satisfaction in knowing that this post was listed in the Blugrush widget for a while earlier today. Apparently they don't have all the kinks out of their system--such as actually removing people as soon as they are notified.

    As my blog was not one of the ten thousand they say they cut I didn't realize until I saw your post (thanks to Blogrush) that they had such strange criteria. However, the comments above about ideology don't explain it. I've had a couple posts recently critical of Ron Paul's anti-freedom positions as well as many posts opposing the Iraq war and still made the cut.

  11. I don't know why you got booted. You write about things similar to me (it's how I discovered you). The images you post don't seem any worse than the ones I post. I don't get it.

    You have the 2nd blog I've seen who wrote about why you got cut, both for the same reason (justagirlinshortshorts.blogspot.com) -- baffling.

    If I were you, and if I cared about being on BlogRush, I'd appeal to them.

    Either they didn't review EVERY single blog like they said they did/would, or they're discriminating against you for some unknown reasons, reasons that aren't consistently applied.

  12. Anonymous4:20 PM


    If this blog is obscene, well, there's no help for us now! Good flippin' grief. If it makes you feel any better I came here through the widget on my blog. :) This post is sitting right on top. So, you're still getting the traffic (what little there is to get through that thing). Honestly, did it even increase your traffic? I don't think I got one measely hit on my lil' blog.

  13. Congrats! Does this mean you're popular now?


    And Ken? He's doing the "Foxy Faxer", moves of his own creation. The White Man Overbite just wasn't getting the... uh... LADIES like it used to.

  14. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Typepad charges money, but at least they don't fucking edit me. Not that it would improve things ...

  15. Sometimes taking the Moral High Ground requires some Plain Fuckin' Talkin'!

    I think Baby said it best:

    "Count to ONE, babywipes!"

  16. And yet... I found your blog from my BlogRush widget?!?!


  17. Can I put that image at the top of my blog?

    What's up with all the censorship? Did you see my post about freepoll.com not letting me include the word "lesbian?" Yikes!

    And you are right, BG, some of the most obscene photos involve very little/or no flesh (as per your example)

    As for Ken ... he's doing "the closet" ... where you stand very still, trying to look like a starched shirt.

    Love the baby!!


  18. ps ... the image is now in a secret undisclosed location ... don't tell ....


  19. This is a terrific post, one of your best. I guess being 'cut' brings out that certain 'je ne sais quoi pas' in you. Anyway, I'm against censorship so I liked the heck out of it.

    Maybe you could switch to blogSURGE. ;)

  20. Good Lord! (oh wait -- was that offensive?)

  21. I got cut from BlogRush, too. I thought it was because I didn't meet some ethereal quality requirements, but if they're not accepting your blog either, I'm not sure who they plan to accept? What kind of garbage nonsense blog actually qualifies?!?

  22. Each and every one of my blogs got their respective asses, that'd be me, rejected by that elitist, and not in title only, traffic building (ha!) widgetry startup... It was at that moment that I knew I must be doing something right! :>)

    You can join a group I started called I.A.A.F.B.R.F.R. to help you through it, BG. I highly recommend it. I mean I was prepared to slit my wrists, both of `em, when I recieved an email from a fellow I.A.A.B.R.R. members just in the nick of time.


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