Saturday, October 27


Gotta love Courtney Haden in Birmingham Weekly:

I worry that cats have figured everything out.**

I worry that Dick Cheney tells Condaleezza Rice what’s in my Netflix queue.

I worry that I’m not getting enough pepperoni in my diet.

and my personal favorite:

I worry that after the paranoids take over, the amnesiacs are next.

**no one who has lived with a cat gives that one a second thought.


  1. About cats, I don't know. I live with a couple of very weird cats. I hope they don't have the answer to everything. Chew plastic bags? Hide up in the basement ceiling? It's a little too post-Apocalyptic for me.

  2. the kitty kats do have things figured out quite well i'm afraid..... here's an example

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    If the fighting cats in my backyard the other night are any indication, one of the secrets of life is fight loudly using strange, eerie noises and never surrender.

  4. fight loudly using strange, eerie noises and never surrender.

    Joo would not believe how well thees works.


  5. I was just googling...something and then forgot what it was when I started thinking. Oh yea, it was panties. OMG, I am thinking of panities and liberal politics at the same time. Stay away, I am bound to be breaking some law.


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