Sunday, October 28

Sometimes I wonder....

How the hell can the MSM have a hundred articles on Miss England being too thin to win Miss World and not one on why is the stupid Miss World "competition" being held in China?

Oh sweet Jeebus. They had big controversy in 2002 when they planned to hold the "pageant" in Nigeria. 200 people were killed in riots after "a young fashion writer in Nigeria wrote that Prophet Mohammed probably would have chosen one of the Miss World contestants as his wife."

This was after they moved the contest so it wouldn't happen during Ramadan. Not making that up.

It's time for the flesh parade (oh do they offer scholarships? Oh then it's fine and don't worry about the high lead content in the crown they've always had that) to move permanently to some nice non-controversial location like Guantanamo, where Miss Teen USA and Miss USA did a meet and greet in 2005 (but not with the bad Arabs).


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Blue Gal -

    As you know, I dispise beauty pagents of all stripes and hues. Nothing that I can think of in modern life is quite as degrading. I know this is not typical male commentary, but it just irritates the Bejebus out of me that women (and men) still do this to themselves. and I mean that in a not shallow way...

    I suspect this is not that far removed from livestock auctions.



  2. why indeed..... china girl..... what can i say.... transnational corporations are simply demonstrating that any totalitarian government, rightest or leftest to which is grafted capitalism is acceptable..... the myth that democracy is necessary for capitalism and that the introduction of capitalist economics necessarily spawns liberal democracy is invalid.

    the communist government of china is turning the tables on the west..... will ultimately beat it at its own game..... it is already the bank that issues America's credit card, and modern Republicanism with its laissez faire global trade policies has sold America down the drain..... but understand, to transnational global traders, America doesn't matter..... if Americans have to go abroad to seek low paying work in the future, that's just part of the global economy..... if America is owned by hostile foreign interests, it is no big deal as long as the Ken Lay's of the world make their money.

    National interests are transparent; in fact problematic with national governments imposing profit-cutting labor and environmental laws..... there is only the transnational corporate infrastructure. to the transnational corporation people and environment are simply things to be exploited.... the capitalist global traders are sharing a common interest with the chinese communist government..... both exploit people and environment for money and power.

    I stumble into town just like a sacred cow
    Visions of swastikas in my head
    Plans for everyone
    Its in the white of my eyes

    My little china girl
    You shouldnt mess with me
    I'll ruin everything you are
    I'll give you television
    I'll give you eyes of blue
    I'll give you men who want to rule the world

  3. That last pic says it all.

    I wouldn't mind fluff so much if it didn't crowd out everything else. Sadly, we have a very shallow pundit class and media execs determined to give us very little beyond shallow subjects, or important subjects shallowly covered.


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