Monday, October 15

Salon Link...hey you probably won't be blogging.

Blue Gal's Salon October 15 hosted by

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Blogger is gonna have a "scheduled outage" at 4 Pacific, they say. I remember the good old days when unscheduled outages happened every five minutes! We blogged barefoot in two feet of snow and were grateful to be able to download an occasional .gif image of a thinner, blonder Britney that we would mash with Windows Paint to a picture of John Ashcroft letting his eagle soar. I'm telling you, kids today don't know blogging like we blogged.

Sigh. At 6 Pacific 9 Eastern and do the math in between we have Skype Salon. Please join us it doesn't take Skype equipment, you just need to download Skype here and click the box above. Hope to see you there.


  1. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Aw Mom! Do you have to be so much of a dweeb?!

  2. Blogger's working well lately.


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